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2017-08-28 04:02:18 UTC  

Shouldn't be feeding your doggoes humans anyway

2017-08-28 04:02:26 UTC  

You don't know where they've been

2017-08-28 04:03:17 UTC  

Im a bad father😫

2017-08-28 04:08:36 UTC  

I thought that post was a meme

2017-08-28 04:11:07 UTC

2017-08-28 04:11:10 UTC  

the mudshark blues

2017-08-28 04:11:34 UTC  


2017-08-28 04:11:59 UTC  

You burn the coal......😛

2017-08-28 04:12:47 UTC

2017-08-28 04:14:05 UTC  

Reminds me of bush sr for some reason

2017-08-28 04:16:02 UTC  

The Greatest Fuckup Generation

2017-08-28 04:16:31 UTC  

@Armchair Fascist Bush's kids or grandkids racemixing would be the best indictment of neocons

2017-08-28 04:17:14 UTC  

Has that not happened? Ive lost score

2017-08-28 04:17:22 UTC  

@CELT "regardless of color." It ain't about color sweetie.

2017-08-28 04:17:35 UTC  

JEB is a racemixer. his wife looks like a squatemalan housekeeper

2017-08-28 04:17:49 UTC

2017-08-28 04:18:06 UTC  

She used to be semi-cute but they don't age well at all

2017-08-28 04:18:17 UTC  

Whew at least im not completely crazy

2017-08-28 04:18:29 UTC  

i'm sure they are pushing his mestizo kids to marry a nig so they can breed the perfect candidate for 2050

2017-08-28 04:18:39 UTC  

Her body assumed a weird egg shape

2017-08-28 04:19:55 UTC  

Latinas blossom at 40 into bridge trolls

2017-08-28 04:20:07 UTC

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2017-08-28 04:21:57 UTC  

Ps unironically why do they only have the same 3 beaner ladies cleaning every hotel

2017-08-28 04:24:07 UTC  

that is very true. Even back in 90s. Had a job travelling and stayed at a bunch of swanky hotels, and almost all cleaners were same beaner

2017-08-28 04:24:28 UTC  

except riga royale in NYC, which was completely staffed by SE asians under 5' tall

2017-08-28 04:24:48 UTC

2017-08-28 04:28:56 UTC  

isn't duke a gambling addict who went to prison for embezzeling stuff?

2017-08-28 04:28:58 UTC  

@negronaut i think that is fake.

2017-08-28 04:29:56 UTC  

@YankeeLampshade so says the splc

2017-08-28 04:30:01 UTC  

paul town hacked that jews account and is fucking with him lol

2017-08-28 04:30:17 UTC  

He did go to prison for embezzlement, the gambling addict stuff I don't knwo

2017-08-28 04:30:19 UTC  

i wouldn't care even if it was true. We all have our weaknesses

2017-08-28 04:30:29 UTC  

holy chit that cville city counsel meeting reminded me of the murdoch murdoch episode about kekistan

2017-08-28 04:30:30 UTC

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2017-08-28 04:30:53 UTC  

they're real