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2017-08-28 04:29:56 UTC  

@YankeeLampshade so says the splc

2017-08-28 04:30:01 UTC  

paul town hacked that jews account and is fucking with him lol

2017-08-28 04:30:17 UTC  

He did go to prison for embezzlement, the gambling addict stuff I don't knwo

2017-08-28 04:30:19 UTC  

i wouldn't care even if it was true. We all have our weaknesses

2017-08-28 04:30:29 UTC  

holy chit that cville city counsel meeting reminded me of the murdoch murdoch episode about kekistan

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2017-08-28 04:30:53 UTC  

they're real

2017-08-28 04:30:53 UTC  

it matters if he was conpromised somehow

2017-08-28 04:31:00 UTC  

did they have homo erectus there?

2017-08-28 04:31:03 UTC  

but they've bred deleted

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2017-08-28 04:31:13 UTC  

wtf phone

2017-08-28 04:31:28 UTC  

@Zorost about half of the crowd wwas homoerectus

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2017-08-28 04:31:56 UTC  

<:cattlecar:294929813678850049> 🏕 🚿 <:oven:283520357028069376>

2017-08-28 04:32:06 UTC  

they demanded to raise hell and demanded the people wwho got kicked out were allowwed to return

2017-08-28 04:32:21 UTC  

@caffeinated fascist if you want to imagine the future imagine mud hordes screaming at city council members forever.

2017-08-28 04:32:29 UTC  

dey wante vote for air jordans

2017-08-28 04:32:49 UTC  

@☇Unlimited Power☇ that future must be destroyed immediately

2017-08-28 04:32:51 UTC  

need gibs

2017-08-28 04:33:07 UTC  

I hope cville elects wes belamy as actual mayor next time.

2017-08-28 04:33:14 UTC  

it was pure entertianment but i only got through about an hour of it

2017-08-28 04:33:36 UTC  

i can only stomach a level chimpout for an hour at a time

2017-08-28 04:33:53 UTC  

Paul Nehlen 2024

2017-08-28 04:36:54 UTC  

boomers are insane. when they go senile they have no foundation

2017-08-28 04:38:33 UTC  

hard to tell when they go senile, they still talk gibberish. McCain has a tumor eating his brain, and he still sounds the same as 20 years ago

2017-08-28 04:39:26 UTC  

this was in reference to david duke and his broccoli speaches

2017-08-28 04:44:25 UTC  

The guy in the grey hoodie needs a doxxing

2017-08-28 04:53:15 UTC  

Nehlen might be the guy who follows Trump & becomes our mahdi

2017-08-28 04:53:46 UTC  

He's a cool dude. Can confirm.

2017-08-28 04:54:34 UTC  

He is pretty much perfect. Can come across as normal guy, yet appears on A-R podcasts & calls for physical punishment of antifa

2017-08-28 04:55:08 UTC  

compared to trump he'll seem more down to earth, even though he is far more publically radical

2017-08-28 04:56:33 UTC  

From a Facebook shitlib "friend": "One more time for the people in the back - BLAC BLOC IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE ANTIFA.
I am antifa. I am not Blac bloc.
Blac bloc is the same group of violent, destructive assholes they have always been, and when you call them antifa you are doing the right wings work for them. Just stop it."