Message from Reaps in /r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #vidya-games

2018-01-14 19:01:54 UTC  

I just remember seeing the release date after that E3 kerfluffle

2018-01-14 19:02:03 UTC  

and I was like "that's a long ways off yet"

2018-01-14 19:02:35 UTC  

One game i'm really hyped for is Mount & Blade: Bannerlord

2018-01-14 19:02:57 UTC  

Always hear good things about that series

2018-01-14 19:03:00 UTC  

still haven't played it though

2018-01-14 19:03:58 UTC  

It's really fun if you love sandbox games, especially with mods

2018-01-14 19:04:05 UTC  

same dev team as King Arthur, or..?

2018-01-14 19:04:19 UTC  

Pretty sure M&B has a really good GoT TC for it, too

2018-01-14 19:05:00 UTC  

It was developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment

2018-01-14 19:05:16 UTC  

King Arthur devs are doing Total War dev work now

2018-01-14 19:05:26 UTC  

that Britannia thing is theirs I think

2018-01-14 19:06:19 UTC  

huh, go figure

2018-01-14 19:06:40 UTC  

Britannia might as well be a Attila: Total War DLC.

2018-01-14 19:07:08 UTC  

First time I found a fucking map of GoT it turned out to be from that game

2018-01-14 19:07:29 UTC  

@Reaps They also got a Lord of The Rings mod

2018-01-14 19:07:59 UTC  

Doesn't everyone?

2018-01-14 19:08:03 UTC  


2018-01-14 19:08:06 UTC  

As well as Star Wars, Napoleonic Period, and some fantasy mod to name a few

2018-01-14 19:08:26 UTC  

All I want for Christmas

2018-01-14 19:08:34 UTC  

Is a Warhammer 40k mod for Combat Mission 2

2018-01-14 19:08:37 UTC  

which will never happen

2018-01-14 19:09:06 UTC  

And for the Brigador team to remake their game in War Thunder's Dagor engine for a first-person MMP version of the game

2018-01-14 19:09:11 UTC  

which also will never happen

2018-01-14 20:21:50 UTC

2018-01-14 22:40:53 UTC  

Some friends annoyed the shit out of to buy mount and blade

2018-01-14 22:41:34 UTC  

Some people might be doing a mod of it for squad

2018-01-15 17:11:18 UTC  

so i showed this game to a self described "authoritarian capitalist"

2018-01-15 17:11:38 UTC  

and he spent a good 20 minutes crying about how the alt right faction isn't perfect

2018-01-15 18:50:48 UTC  

@franti how's murder incest simulator?

2018-01-16 13:01:31 UTC  

i played vrchat once

2018-01-16 13:01:46 UTC  

an emo knuckles came up to me and said "there is no wae"

2018-01-16 14:41:53 UTC  

VRchat is cancer

2018-01-16 20:14:54 UTC  

TW3 best game

2018-01-16 20:24:08 UTC  

EU4 best game

2018-01-16 20:35:42 UTC  


2018-01-16 20:42:59 UTC  

Europa Universalis 4

2018-01-16 20:56:32 UTC  


2018-01-16 20:57:03 UTC  

Big Brain Boyz play Minecraft

2018-01-16 21:00:35 UTC  

Still can't believe you got rekt'd as Brandenburg