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2018-01-17 05:29:22 UTC  

well, they're just a PITA initially, but later on you get high-pen guns with autoloaders

2018-01-17 05:29:41 UTC  

But that's still a specific playstyle
because once the magazine is empty, it takes like 60 seconds to reload

2018-01-17 05:29:57 UTC  

And their armour is generally pretty crappy on the oscillating turrets

2018-01-17 05:30:07 UTC  

their TD line is pretty strong though, armour-wise

2018-01-17 05:30:31 UTC  

How do you feel about the Americans?

2018-01-17 05:30:47 UTC  

by and large pretty good really

2018-01-17 05:30:59 UTC  

M4 cops shit but it can do what any other med can do

2018-01-17 05:31:16 UTC  

M18 is murderous in the right hands

2018-01-17 05:31:33 UTC  

.50cals are fucking flamethrowers against aircraft

2018-01-17 05:32:09 UTC  

And most guns get a solid shot round, an APHE shell and a tungsten shot too

2018-01-17 05:32:39 UTC  

Just expect to be playing a lot of different M4s

2018-01-17 05:32:40 UTC  

Wait, .50cal = flamethrower?

2018-01-17 05:32:49 UTC  

Try to avoid the M4A2, it's fucking terrible

2018-01-17 05:33:12 UTC  

Pretty sure it's the diesel version and it's gutless since Gaijin doesn't seem to model torque and the diesel version doesn't have as much horsepower as the other variants

2018-01-17 05:33:25 UTC  

.50 cals set everything on fire, yes, so it's called a flamethrower

2018-01-17 05:33:50 UTC  

I have a video somewhere of me setting 9 aircraft on fire in a P47

2018-01-17 05:33:51 UTC  

In a row

2018-01-17 11:27:41 UTC  
2018-01-17 16:04:43 UTC  

@Deleted User wrong channel

2018-01-17 16:21:15 UTC  

gud shit

2018-01-17 21:36:34 UTC  

This thread is required reading about the SJW infestation at InXile

2018-01-17 21:44:51 UTC  

Leadership mandated "no white people" in Torment: ToN

2018-01-18 06:59:44 UTC  

@Reaps how do you feel about the assault modes?

2018-01-18 07:01:31 UTC  

"assault modes"?

2018-01-18 07:03:11 UTC

2018-01-18 07:03:17 UTC  

At the bottom

2018-01-18 07:06:15 UTC

2018-01-18 07:24:00 UTC  


2018-01-18 07:24:03 UTC  

that must be some arcade thing

2018-01-18 07:24:19 UTC  

well it literally says it's an arcade thing

2018-01-18 07:24:21 UTC  

so I'd have nfi

2018-01-18 07:24:25 UTC  

I'm guessing it's PvE

2018-01-18 14:13:56 UTC  

yeah, at least they don't bounce in the air like rubber balls anymore

2018-01-18 14:25:03 UTC  

@Reaps jesus, you got swarmed

2018-01-18 14:26:35 UTC  

Yeah, that was 'fun'

2018-01-18 14:26:44 UTC  

Called for backup the *e n t i r e* time