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*notices your bullet*

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this is unironic btw

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<:pepe_why:378719408367075333> i dont know what is real anymore

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this is the mascot for the site which hosts furry comics mostly, anyway the mascot is a nazi sergal (none of the nazi art was sfw) and is a personification of the german U-boat U-18

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also do not visit

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The more I see the more I say ban all furries

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the fandom has fully embraced degeneracy

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hey, at least im not a ponyfag

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They're both equally terrible

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there is always another rock bottom

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also if you actually knew what kind of vile trash bronies are in to you would disagree

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it makes fox anal vore of galaxies look incredibly tame

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Hitler killed the wrong people

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I'm trying to understand your argument of one turd being more polished than the other but they both seem like piles of shit to me

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i still dont know if you are using unironic litteraly

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or are pulling a sam hyde

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Tbh I don't care what someone else enjoys as long as it doesn't cause harm.

2017-11-14 03:18:22 UTC  

a 30 page comic featuring mid-rape underage pony dimembowlment followed by plush fetish (the dead bodies are stuffed then raped again)

2017-11-14 03:18:24 UTC  

I don't care, if I never have to see or hear about it.

2017-11-14 03:18:39 UTC  

thats why i always say to each their own

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This is how you convert people to Christianity @radeon

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lol ive been desensitized to it because fucking pony niggers have in in their head that their cartoon garbage somehow belongs on furry boards

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not likes there isnt 999999999 pony boards for sad lonely people to wank to rainbow haired horse freaks

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i wasnt kidding btw

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Yeah, I don't think anybody here was doubting you

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