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I figured they would have gone for boosted fission, first

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@Lester Cordell we need to ruin rick and morty more than pepe.

2017-09-03 07:08:12 UTC  

Don't worry, between the writers and the fans it will burn.

2017-09-03 07:08:47 UTC  

I was speaking to a race-mixing Italian just last night and he used that Mussolini quote on me.

2017-09-03 07:09:51 UTC  

He's dated mostly Asians because he can't imagine ever getting a decent white woman.

2017-09-03 07:12:58 UTC  

Mass redpills to normies.

2017-09-03 07:14:59 UTC  

@☇Unlimited Power☇ This would also lead every dictator around the world to immediately seek nuclear weapons, since it will be made clear that nothing will happen to you if you do.

2017-09-03 07:15:16 UTC  

Mussolini may have said that @☇Unlimited Power☇ , but he would never let his daughter marry a nigger

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@TrashyGutenberg I know it's about intra-european race mixing.

2017-09-03 07:16:10 UTC  

Yeah ethnicity in modern parlance

2017-09-03 07:16:45 UTC  

@TrashyGutenberg still a good troll on the PJW faggotry crowd.

2017-09-03 07:22:33 UTC  

Blacks vs Blacks on tv drinking $10 beers
Who wins?

2017-09-03 07:23:34 UTC  

everyone loses

2017-09-03 07:24:01 UTC  

A grade Australian trolling

2017-09-03 07:24:08 UTC  

SF needs another 1906

2017-09-03 07:24:17 UTC

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And for those who don't want to click on a FB link

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Without blacks and white women, everyone in Houston would have died

2017-09-03 07:26:46 UTC

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First lady is one fine piece of ass

2017-09-03 07:26:59 UTC  

Who has more T?

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@TrashyGutenberg wants to fuck Michael Obama

2017-09-03 07:27:19 UTC  

Ya got me son

2017-09-03 07:27:36 UTC  

Dat nigga hung

2017-09-03 07:27:39 UTC  

Yeah gets all up in Michael's ghetto booty

2017-09-03 07:27:47 UTC  


2017-09-03 07:29:23 UTC  

Angelica Van Buren, she aight I guess

2017-09-03 07:31:00 UTC  

This was degenerate in the 50's

2017-09-03 07:33:22 UTC  

quotes from these "hottest first ladies" lists about Michelle Obama: "No question about it, Barry is one lucky man. I didn’t even know arms could be a way to get laid before Michelle moved into the White House. When she puts a cardigan on, the sun refuses to shine."

2017-09-03 07:34:12 UTC  

"With the first black President came the first black First Lady, and the first First-Lady arms that put most men to shame.

Michelle might be the most physically fit First Lady we’ve ever had, also. She officially brought sexy back to the White House, too -- after a 60-year absence since Eleanor Roosevelt moved out. "