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2017-09-04 02:36:10 UTC  

that melania tweet triggered a wall tweet that ends in "i guess the aztek's bathed more often than europeans"

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2017-09-04 02:36:19 UTC  

We have to actively bring the cunts here.

2017-09-04 02:36:34 UTC  

Gook Death soon

2017-09-04 02:36:36 UTC  

We're bringing in South Americans now.

2017-09-04 02:36:47 UTC  

Haitians here

2017-09-04 02:36:58 UTC  

By the thousands

2017-09-04 02:37:02 UTC  

Actually maybe only Central Americans, I'm not clear on that.

2017-09-04 02:37:09 UTC  

Jesus. Haitians?

2017-09-04 02:37:11 UTC  

why would you accept human trash by the thousands into your home

2017-09-04 02:37:31 UTC  

If any non-whites should be refused it's Haitians. They fucking killed whites, that's how they got into that mess.

2017-09-04 02:37:44 UTC  

I wish all woke whites would rise up and claim at least ONE country then go from there.

2017-09-04 02:37:48 UTC  

@Lester Cordell central, guatemalans, hondurans

2017-09-04 02:38:08 UTC

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2017-09-04 02:38:43 UTC  

Haitians are just barely above somolians on the mud people scale

2017-09-04 02:38:52 UTC  

In the mind of an Australian normie centre-left type there seems to be a feeling that we have to actively seek out and bring in people we don't yet have here.

2017-09-04 02:39:02 UTC  

@Armchair Fascist haitians are barely above aboriginals

2017-09-04 02:39:11 UTC

2017-09-04 02:39:18 UTC  

@Lester Cordell gotta catch em all.

2017-09-04 02:39:30 UTC  

I think it might be like that.

2017-09-04 02:39:39 UTC  

Its literally pokemon to these people.

2017-09-04 02:39:43 UTC  

Hence poc pets

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2017-09-04 02:39:54 UTC  

Haitians are genocidal, abbos are dumber and less genocidal

2017-09-04 02:40:00 UTC  

At least Guats can probably make me some kind of bean and tortilla thing to eat.

2017-09-04 02:40:09 UTC  

some niggers attacked and violated a woman a here recently

2017-09-04 02:40:12 UTC  

I'll take abbos I guess

2017-09-04 02:40:25 UTC  

general papers reported on it somewhat truthfully

2017-09-04 02:40:34 UTC  

LOCAL papers completely denied ALL CONTEXT

2017-09-04 02:40:40 UTC  

"MEN" attacked a woman

2017-09-04 02:40:51 UTC  

fucking niggers arent as bad as our white cuckolds

2017-09-04 02:41:21 UTC  

It's startling to think the same papers will run bs stories about man-spreading or suchlike.

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2017-09-04 02:41:34 UTC  

it is complete context denial

2017-09-04 02:41:48 UTC  

That's what Jew run media does

2017-09-04 02:42:00 UTC  

we had a local festivity here, they packed up all "refugees" and sent them somewhere else during that week so they dont kill and rape our locals

2017-09-04 02:42:04 UTC  

a fucking shitshow