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2017-09-04 03:20:20 UTC  

they will soon enough

2017-09-04 03:20:22 UTC  

I'd be looking into flash mob type events.

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2017-09-04 03:20:35 UTC  

I think it would be a PR loss if we held a rally with 300 of our guys and 5,000 antifa showed up. We have to avoid this.

2017-09-04 03:20:36 UTC  

numbers won't matter, we can never have a rally at a berkely, boston, or cville w/o getting fucked. Even if we outnumbered them 10:1 our response would get us arrested by cops.

2017-09-04 03:21:40 UTC  

Convince antifa some police/military gathering is in fact a white nationalist event

2017-09-04 03:21:46 UTC  

at any place w/ somewhat fair cop protection we'll be fine

2017-09-04 03:21:50 UTC  

>The Alc-Right Rises 21: The Alien Covenant w/ Jeffrey Bongwater (Part 1)

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2017-09-04 03:22:24 UTC  

Could you get into trouble posting a video of a couple of our guys dressed into cops saying racist things?

2017-09-04 03:22:30 UTC  

as cops*

2017-09-04 03:23:02 UTC  

Probably lol

2017-09-04 03:23:02 UTC  

Let's have a rally the size of unite the right in Montana.

2017-09-04 03:23:26 UTC  

how about whitefish :^)

2017-09-04 03:23:33 UTC  

Because if not you could possibly not even lie about it being a police gathering. Circulate a video of some guys that are ostensibly going to be cops at that event.

2017-09-04 03:23:54 UTC  

I was largely joking, even antifa isn't that stupid

2017-09-04 03:24:10 UTC  

well there are 1-2 people in there with enough sense I would imagine

2017-09-04 03:24:13 UTC  


2017-09-04 03:24:13 UTC  

I don't know about that, get them mad enough...

2017-09-04 03:24:24 UTC  

What will NPI look like this year? Huge counter protests?

2017-09-04 03:24:41 UTC  

The internet is not where I'd go for legal advice on anything that has a slight chance of arrest.

2017-09-04 03:24:53 UTC  

if it works it works, long as it doesn't hurt you to try; go for it!

2017-09-04 03:25:52 UTC  

we're in a catch-22 though. if we do a rally in a safe place, it is far less newsworthy. worst-case scenario for an alt-rt rally is if no one but alt-rt shows up

2017-09-04 03:25:55 UTC  

Oh and ask a lawyer

2017-09-04 03:26:36 UTC  

cville was phenomenally great for the alt-rt, massive victory. but its not worth people going to jail & getting seriously injured w/o ability to fight back effectively

2017-09-04 03:27:11 UTC  

you must have been at a different charlottesville rally than the one i went to

2017-09-04 03:27:44 UTC  

Don't get stuck in a bubble, what's happened after?

2017-09-04 03:27:50 UTC  

you must have been watching a different MSM than i was, & seen different polls about support for the AR after the rally

2017-09-04 03:28:23 UTC  

Cville seems to have completely alienated everyone I know from us.

2017-09-04 03:28:35 UTC  

No one thinks it was cool.

2017-09-04 03:28:59 UTC  

I'm really far away from Virginia and there's no alt right presence, but all our monuments are gone. One was 120 years old.

2017-09-04 03:29:09 UTC  

Nobody is rising up in anger either

2017-09-04 03:29:48 UTC  

there were a bunch of things that all by themselves made cville a huge win. antifa chimpouts at other places, media chimping out, 4% of Americans saying they agree w/ A-R, 21% saying we went too far but have a point, dodge charger memes, new songs by moonman and paddy tarleton

2017-09-04 03:29:56 UTC  

I don't want to sound blackpilled, but Cville is being called a terrorist rally by people in my personal life.

2017-09-04 03:30:04 UTC  

All the plebs still follow the narrative, mainly the trump "they're all bad" narrative

2017-09-04 03:30:37 UTC  

you're not blackpilling we just learn and move on that's all

2017-09-04 03:30:42 UTC  

Did you correct them, tell them the truth?

2017-09-04 03:30:46 UTC  

The normies around here unironically call both sides terrorists.

2017-09-04 03:31:06 UTC  

I correct them as much as I can.