Message from Vic_Mackey in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-09-04 03:42:10 UTC  

that fear happened after cville, was obviously a direct reaction to it

2017-09-04 03:42:14 UTC  

Paradigm has shifted. We're in tribal politics cycles of history now

2017-09-04 03:42:18 UTC  

scaring the elite does not mean you won

2017-09-04 03:42:25 UTC  

daily reminder that jews are literally constantly frightened

2017-09-04 03:42:32 UTC  

its part of winning

2017-09-04 03:42:36 UTC  

yeah jews become hysterical over everything

2017-09-04 03:42:43 UTC  

its not a high bar to get them to freak out

2017-09-04 03:42:46 UTC  

VC if any of y'all want to

2017-09-04 03:42:46 UTC  

but it's up to us to rile them up and show normies

2017-09-04 03:42:51 UTC  

that is their weakness, combined w/ not being able to see double standards in their favor.

2017-09-04 03:43:02 UTC  

Only the torch really was scary to them

2017-09-04 03:43:05 UTC  
2017-09-04 03:43:06 UTC  

if you think we are winning right now, i dont know what to tell you, we are not in any better position after cville

2017-09-04 03:43:13 UTC  

It's been a long time since people have marched by the hundreds shouting something like "Jews will not replace us!"

2017-09-04 03:43:15 UTC  

it would be worse right now if antifa hadnt shot themselves in the footy

2017-09-04 03:43:17 UTC  

if there was one virile German man left in a cage they'd all be scared of him

2017-09-04 03:43:23 UTC  

Clearly they see how things are changing.

2017-09-04 03:43:25 UTC  

Come out of nowhere, male statements, back into the night like smoke

2017-09-04 03:43:27 UTC  

@NSJW well we know what works and what doesn't now though

2017-09-04 03:43:30 UTC  

I'll be in VC soon

2017-09-04 03:43:37 UTC  


2017-09-04 03:44:52 UTC  

cville was a huge advantage to us. Not fair to say "if antifa hadn't shot themselves in foot" because much of the reason they shot themselves in the foot was due to being enraged after cville.

2017-09-04 03:45:01 UTC  

Ok, let's see if we all agree. What works and what doesn't? I say the torch rally was perfect. Speeches in park at left city, not so much.

2017-09-04 03:45:36 UTC  

The torch rally was great.

2017-09-04 03:45:39 UTC  

I loved it.

2017-09-04 03:45:54 UTC  

Scared all the elite

2017-09-04 03:46:02 UTC  

only bad thing about cville was anarcho-tyranny, which still ended up working in our favor but at too high of a cost.

2017-09-04 03:46:11 UTC  

Torch rallies need to be a staple of our movement going forward.

2017-09-04 03:46:40 UTC  

Have you talked to anybody who isn't alt right about Cville? @Zorost

2017-09-04 03:46:45 UTC  

@Zorost the AnTyr was after they were alerted.

2017-09-04 03:46:56 UTC  

I think they look really cool, but people associate them with KKK, but they associate everything we do with the KKK

2017-09-04 03:47:01 UTC  

so moot point?

2017-09-04 03:47:05 UTC  

yes, i've talked to a bunch of people who referred to cville

2017-09-04 03:47:44 UTC  

Ah shit, my phone isn't charged, scratch thay

2017-09-04 03:47:52 UTC  

Sorry, Vic.

2017-09-04 03:47:57 UTC  

I think that torch rallies are something worth making our own. We can do it. The KKK is in the past, we can make it an alt-right thing.

2017-09-04 03:48:07 UTC  

people who thought we were nazis before still thought we were nazis but worse. some people were horrified about violation of 1A, some were sympathetic

2017-09-04 03:48:55 UTC  

well it's going to be devisive no matter what, just need to figure out which angle is the best to work

2017-09-04 03:49:09 UTC  

Let's get gallup on the job and poll some normies

2017-09-04 03:49:17 UTC  

its supposed to be divisive, thats why we get media coverage