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2017-11-13 07:40:23 UTC  

That video

2017-11-13 07:40:29 UTC  

Talking about how they love the Jews

2017-11-13 07:40:44 UTC  

but happy to a burn a book that contains the old testament 🤷

2017-11-13 07:41:07 UTC  

Non-religious Jews only, I guess.

2017-11-13 07:41:45 UTC  

"That's *actually* nice of you"

2017-11-13 07:41:52 UTC  

The passive-aggressive snark is real

2017-11-13 07:42:13 UTC  

"I'm so surprised you're not a condescending preening cunt like me"

2017-11-13 07:44:19 UTC  

"*it's* throwing things up on the roof"

2017-11-13 07:44:21 UTC  


2017-11-13 07:44:25 UTC  

fair call

2017-11-13 07:44:27 UTC  

I can't tell either

2017-11-13 07:44:58 UTC  

Also 4:40 for engineer 'nope'

2017-11-13 07:45:22 UTC  

"I'm not black"

2017-11-13 07:45:28 UTC  

talking about your *clothes* you retard

2017-11-13 07:45:31 UTC  

fuuuuuuuucking hell

2017-11-13 12:29:31 UTC  

How stupid and entitled do you have to be to do that and then fuckin wait for the cops

2017-11-13 13:20:29 UTC  

we are at all time high levels of stupid cotten

2017-11-13 13:43:50 UTC  

that's why i said that person should go to a mental hospital

2017-11-13 13:54:51 UTC  

the gulags are more appropiate comrade

2017-11-13 15:50:55 UTC  

In her mind, she thinks she's taking rightful revenge.

2017-11-13 16:06:01 UTC  

Yeah, that don't makes it right tho

2017-11-14 04:40:15 UTC  

I identify as welfare benefits

2017-11-14 04:40:24 UTC  

Gibs me dat

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2017-11-15 16:41:28 UTC  
2017-11-15 16:43:26 UTC  

I'm guessing he's the next to be disinvited.

2017-11-15 16:44:53 UTC  

gad sad?

2017-11-15 16:45:02 UTC  

whats the short version of the story?

2017-11-15 16:52:57 UTC  

Jordan Peterson, Gad Saad and Doc Amitay were going to do a Stifling of Free Speech on Campus, at a university, a few months back. Faith Goldy got invited, for some reason. University hosting the event canceled it.

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2017-11-15 16:54:38 UTC  

They held the event at an independent venue a few days back. Faith got disinvited, related to her friendliness to the far right group (that caused her firing from The Rebel).

2017-11-15 16:55:02 UTC  

so just normal political correct bull

2017-11-15 16:56:23 UTC  

Saad made a video yesterday where he stated he had nothing to do with her invitation or disinvitation. None of the panelists were organising it. They were asked for opinions on whether it would be good or bad for the panel to have her on.

2017-11-15 16:57:26 UTC  

He also whined about being harassed.

2017-11-15 16:58:25 UTC  

Now he posts this dumb video to quote antisemitic comments he received, attributing them to "Faith's fans".

2017-11-15 16:59:20 UTC  

Frankly, Faith had no reason to be there in the first place.

2017-11-15 16:59:35 UTC  

sadd is old school

2017-11-15 17:00:06 UTC  

Saad is now just using his Jew identity to collect victim bucks.