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So it occurred to me I might want some advice from @everyone with a little one on the way. Ideas for appropriate, non pozzed children's shows/books, the preferred method of schooling, how to instill a sense of proper community, heritage, and values (normally provided in ideal situations by "church.") Anyones thoughts theories and personal experiences are welcome.

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In the future, this thead may be utilized by anyone seeking advice or input on maintaining and cultivating healthy white families

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2017-06-09 02:44:51 UTC for an extensive list of movies. Master and Commander, Zulu, October Sky, all fantastic movies.

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Age discretion for some of course.

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I'd shy away from it as much as possible personally but any ideas on non pozzed childrens shows?

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Sesame Street alternatives, that sort of thing?

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Tough to find, other than older shows

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Might have to do that. Get dvds or load a hard drive with old stuff

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Winnie the Poo is unpozzed. Here is big resource thread at VNN

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Story time reading. "D'aulaires' Book of Norse Myths"

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While I cannot remember the particulars, I have read from people I respect (Alex Linder) that there are good and important reasons to teach children to read by phonics rather than word recognition.

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Follow eBay for vintage children's readers.

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I recommend focusing exclusively on reading to the child who will naturally develop the desire to cultivate this invaluable life skill. Because videos require no active effort to consume the information children naturally gravitate to them when presented with the option.

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If You Give a (((Mouse))) a Cookie

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Based on what I see, the only reasonable schooling is homeschooling

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Childrens intro to the Nordic mythos aint too bad either

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I would also highly recommend the work of John Taylor Gatto to attain a proper paradigm of what schooling should be.

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"The Seven Lesson Schoolteacher"

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Norse, Greek, Roman mythology

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Egyptian too

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Short read, extremely important to understand exactly how the Jews are destroying our youth and creating their ideal goyim:

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Thanks all for your contributions I'll do some research and continually cultivate an arsenal of supplies over the next nine months while discussing it with my wife at each step

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It rly comes down to sharing stories of Aryan past and reinforcing to the young, "this is our heritage, and no one else's!"

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I never had that as a youngin, just egalitarian modern mormonism

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Ironically I was schooled on European mythos via video games growin up so I suppose they werent a complete waste of [email protected]

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It's a unique question I'm pondering now. How young do you want to start redpilling? How hard and how deep do you want to go? Redpilling isn't even really an approprirate metaphor since it implies "waking up" from a pre-conditioned stupor where as this is more just like always being taught the truth

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Soon as possible, way I see it. Humans are programmed to retain a great deal in their earliest of ages

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Hell even the Grimm fairy tales are apart of our heritage

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My early years consisted of cuck doctrine

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As a result I didnt wake up till my late twenties