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2019-01-10 17:33:35 UTC  

you mean that cads always dis the states?

2019-01-10 17:33:44 UTC  

i said earlier that it's not as much like that anymore

2019-01-10 17:34:01 UTC  

we have dumbass leaders who keep bitching, but the general population likes murica

2019-01-10 17:34:17 UTC  

I mean that Canada is so hell-bent on anti-Americanism that they'll more eagerly hitch their wagon to *monarchism* than dare be a republic like the US.

2019-01-10 17:34:27 UTC  

don't assume we all are

2019-01-10 17:34:32 UTC  

I know why you're saying that though

2019-01-10 17:34:58 UTC  

Fuck the leafs

2019-01-10 17:35:00 UTC  

Canada is a constitutional monarchy

2019-01-10 17:35:02 UTC  

or a majority of Canadians would rather call China a larger economy than the US when it's demonstrably untrue

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2019-01-10 17:35:07 UTC  

May they burn

2019-01-10 17:35:07 UTC  

its different from an absolute monarchy

2019-01-10 17:35:29 UTC  

@AlephKnoll A constitutional monarchy led by the head of a de jure absolute monarchy

2019-01-10 17:35:35 UTC  

@RMS_Gigantic I don't know where you're getting your info, but there's not just snowflakes up here just like Murica isn't just Hillary supporters

2019-01-10 17:35:39 UTC  

check yo shit

2019-01-10 17:35:49 UTC  

the queen has basically no influence on our politics

2019-01-10 17:36:06 UTC  

Well that's the rub now, isn't it, crypto: Either they're American contrarians or American annexationists

2019-01-10 17:36:09 UTC  

@RMS_Gigantic you know what's a good Canadian?

2019-01-10 17:36:10 UTC  

they apoint a govenor general, whose only job is to give royal assent to the bills we tell them to.

2019-01-10 17:36:14 UTC  

A dead one.

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@AlephKnoll Except when the governor-general ejects a duly elected prime minister as what happened in Australia in 1975

2019-01-10 17:37:05 UTC  

not really, @RMS_Gigantic
I can see why you think Cads are snowflakes... our media's been taken over for one and our "leader" is a globalist puppet...
and it goes back pretty far because his dad did the same thing.

people are waking up to the socialism bullshit

2019-01-10 17:37:21 UTC  

this history channel needs more ancient aliens

2019-01-10 17:37:29 UTC  

it shouldn't happen... but it does.

2019-01-10 17:37:34 UTC  

but it very rarely happens.

2019-01-10 17:37:35 UTC  

tru. we should be in <#372513679964635138> 😛

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name another example..

2019-01-10 17:37:54 UTC  

Trudeau is part of the Hillary gang.

2019-01-10 17:38:15 UTC  

I know... fuck us

2019-01-10 17:38:18 UTC  

he's actually giving our tax money to her

2019-01-10 17:38:29 UTC  

Speaking of tax money,

2019-01-10 17:38:30 UTC  

for gender studies in Haiti

2019-01-10 17:38:49 UTC  

instead of... i dunno... housing and medical facilities

2019-01-10 17:38:54 UTC  

or food

2019-01-10 17:38:57 UTC  


2019-01-10 17:39:00 UTC  

or our own people.

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2019-01-10 17:39:09 UTC  

that's racist, @AlephKnoll

2019-01-10 17:39:21 UTC  

I find this image to be an excellent metaphor for Canada itself