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But Congress rejected their invitation

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And the Brits prevented them from holding such a referendum

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much like how the Brits forbade British Columbia from seeking American annexation following the Alaska Purchase, despite BC having been led by an annexationist governor at the time

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Also in 1946, we offered $100,000,000 to Denmark if they'd sell us Greenland

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In 1917 they had accepted $25,000,000 for their share of the West Indies, for perspective

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New Brunswick, coolest flag

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tfw Denmark won't let us enforce an omnidirectional blockade against Canada

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you guys don't even know where Alaska is most of the time...

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Wait Alaska is real?

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We know where it is, because we've been eyeing the corridor connecting to it for 150 years now

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Oh nvm that was Narnia

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Just one more piece to the puzzle to go

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fuckers 😂

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you have to admit though... we have a pretty good relationship if we can joke about this

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Manifest Destiny is an annexation of peace

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you think it would be an invasion?

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Day of the Rake when?

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This was a serious contingency plan back in the 1930's.

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you don't need to frigin invade 😂 silly muricans

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just ask

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And yes, it would be, because Canada seemed very unlikely to declare itself a republic or allow US occupation of significant chunks of land at that time

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as stated here

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it's like me saying America is Trump. it's not true, America is filled with Americans

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The difference is, a core part of the American identity doesn't revolve around contrarianism against Canada

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you mean that cads always dis the states?

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i said earlier that it's not as much like that anymore

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we have dumbass leaders who keep bitching, but the general population likes murica

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I mean that Canada is so hell-bent on anti-Americanism that they'll more eagerly hitch their wagon to *monarchism* than dare be a republic like the US.

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don't assume we all are

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I know why you're saying that though

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Fuck the leafs