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Also, the imgur post celebrating 25 years of BJ Blazkowicz was quickly derailed into 'zomg I can't believe how many people are complaining about killing Nazis so I'm gonna kill all the Nazis in this game fuck Nazis fuck conservatives they're pretty much Nazis'

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I mean, look at all these Nazis. Soooooooooo many Nazis. Like, maybe even half a row of them! Soon there might be a FULL row of them!

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Imagine if fuckin' noone had shown up for Spencer's event. How fucking hilariously insulting would that have been. But... nope.

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What a time to be alive that Trump is a president and we get to read JFK files

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Shamelessly copypasted from someone else:

Three things they are probably hiding:
1) People - some agents in Cuba and Mexico could still be alive, or their children.
2) Methods - they kept a certain invisible ink secret for over 100 years.
3) Incompetency - my guess is that both the US IC and Cuba/Russia IC all knew far too much about LHO, but the US was sloppy on him and the Cuba/Russians coddled him too much, and both sides were gobsmacked when their "idiot pawn" turned into a "queen". ICs hate showing how stupid, lazy, and down right boring they actually are to the general public. Better to maintain the mystique.

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/pol/ is gonna drop a deuce on the SJWs for Halloween

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I have little doubt that Matt Heimbach is changing the minds of many people, including socialists on the 'other side of the barricade', and that's kinda disturbing really. Pretty sure he was the one who hosted an AMA and even though people want to tell you that it 'went badly' I have no doubt, having read some of his replies, that what he was saying resonated with many people reading

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An american saying that multicuturalism don't worl

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also, he is defending racialized class war

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Well, that's the irony, right up there with his comments towards BLM about racial segregation

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This dude is a joke

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I seen one of his videos

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It was ridiculous

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It's a little surreal for me, since the last time he was a 'big deal' in any way was back when Bush was in power, and ol' Olbs here positioned as a modern day Edward R Murrow, trying to sound intelligent when most of his arguments boiled down to "bush iz hitlor"

Considering how little I heard from him in the eight years after that, I guess most on the left disposed of their useful idiot. I also think he did actually complain about some of the things Obama was doing, which I suppose didn't do much to help him either.

So, yeah, it's so weird to see him back again, seemingly doing the exact same schtick. It's like I'm stuck in a timewarp

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He is just a partisan hack

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Seems like a brain dead person to me

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Same difference

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Ah, but how do you *spell his name*?

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Anyone watch hard bastard? I'm Anglo him and Styx are the only way I keep up with colonial happenings

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what are everyones opinions on the 8values test. Personally, I think some of the questions are flawed.

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this is what I got btw

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Been a while since I've done it, but one of these was my most recent (can't remember which)

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An awfully strong belief in "tradition". It seems a lot of the tradition questions lay its eggs in the religious basket, which I guess is an acceptable way of portraying it, but not quite perfect.

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none of these things are perfect

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True. But it's an acceptable test nonetheless to get a general idea.

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I pretty much answered no to all the religious questions which gave me that. Lol.

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i got liberal

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