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2017-11-06 22:06:32 UTC  

>I can tell you that miscenegation is the sole reason the average IQ of an african-american is 85, compared to the 65-70 you'd expect if they were 100% Negroid
Explain that

if that's the case, race mixing is a good thing...

2017-11-06 22:06:36 UTC  

i couldnt find the original study but here is one that explains it somewhat

2017-11-06 22:06:50 UTC  

"Basic Eco" and "Black Rednecks" are on my to-read-first list

2017-11-06 22:07:06 UTC  

and i think looking at it through the lense of race is counter productive

2017-11-06 22:07:17 UTC  

Basic Economics is good

2017-11-06 22:07:33 UTC  

I listened to part of black rednecks and I found it to be quite world-view altering.

2017-11-06 22:08:06 UTC  

Gotta git ya levels of analysis right, boi.

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Race is tricky.

2017-11-06 22:08:26 UTC  

and misapplied 99% of the time

2017-11-06 22:08:47 UTC  

Because most """race realists""" don't understand genetics

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@radeon i agree

2017-11-06 22:09:15 UTC  

Have you seen Jean-Francois Gariepy?

2017-11-06 22:09:25 UTC  

Race realist who definitely understands genetics

2017-11-06 22:09:47 UTC  

I will check them out

2017-11-06 22:10:15 UTC  

TL;DR did a really good video on the heritability of IQ

2017-11-06 22:10:28 UTC  

as it stands right now

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thanks for the link

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JF > Sargon

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He does require patience though

2017-11-06 22:14:54 UTC  

He is too arrogant, tried to watch one of his videos and it was annoying

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I dont get this whole race and IQ thing

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the vet came here to see my dog and i had to help her

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People arent created equal

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Too arrogant?

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i left in the middle of the conversation

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If you say so

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@franti Look, some people need a reason to fell better and superior, so they come up with shitty reaons to feel superior.

If everyone had the exact same skin tone, people would come up with something else

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What would happen If these people were in charge. They become dodgy when I ask foe policy specifics

2017-11-06 22:18:21 UTC  

These people being?

2017-11-06 22:18:34 UTC  

Race realists

2017-11-06 22:18:53 UTC  

Race realist =/= white nationalist

2017-11-06 22:19:29 UTC  

You have to admit there's a heavy overlap

2017-11-06 22:19:31 UTC  

@Fulcrum010 I've seen arrogance used to dismiss pretty much every intellectual there is, Sargon included

2017-11-06 22:19:56 UTC  

Unfortunately there is a huge overlap because the two are conflated by the left

2017-11-06 22:20:09 UTC  

@BrianBoru watching his vid he is making a couple of erroneous claims so far

2017-11-06 22:20:20 UTC  

there are people who would be legitimately offended at you saying that

then again it's the snowflake SJW's so who cares