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2018-02-05 21:55:56 UTC  

What's wrong with turning the frickin frogs gay

2018-02-05 22:01:32 UTC  

Liberal non ideological server

no but Liberal

2018-02-05 22:04:45 UTC  

I don't understand what you guys are saying

They put SOY in the Starbucks and all of the men start wearing bikinis

2018-02-06 11:39:51 UTC  

the NHS is powered on the people's will

2018-02-06 11:40:38 UTC  

like, it may well be running on fumes... but it's running at all because everyone who uses it or works for it believes in having a national health service

2018-02-06 11:40:59 UTC  

so I don't see it ever going "bust", just getting butchered by cuts

2018-02-06 11:46:28 UTC  

I get the impression there's always more money to be had for the NHS, it's jut they're being constrained because they're using their funding inappropriately. I've heard things about them expanding middle management, and cutting nurses/therapists, and I've heard things about plans to keep GPs open 7 days a week by outsourcing to private companies who will cost us more in the long term... then there was the whole issue with Spine, intended to stop the NHS from running on paper, but ended up being run by some private company who did the job wrong and cost the NHS billions

2018-02-06 11:47:36 UTC  

I think it's good that they're investing in NHS Digital, and launching Spine 2... I can really see it paying off in the long run (as long as it's done correctly)

2018-02-06 11:48:26 UTC  

but they're huge projects... so the NHS is gonna be strapped for cash in the meantime

I just get pissed off with all these 'kind' people that REEEE abvout the NHS

none of them would ever actually work for it

2018-02-06 12:50:20 UTC  

Privatize the nhs now tbh

there would be riots

2018-02-06 12:51:23 UTC  

Temporary price to end an immoral socialist system

2018-02-06 12:54:12 UTC  

All socialism needs to end, regardless of how that makes worthless socialists feel


2018-02-06 13:22:01 UTC  

well let's assume that we get spine 2 up and running and we're able to streamline data processing... presuming data governance rules allow it, think about the potential for large-scale scientific studies. it would be unparalleled. and it's only possible because the NHS is one company with unilateral control over its own data, rather than a bunch of private companies with closely guarded data gathered from small-scale studies

2018-02-06 13:23:16 UTC  

That's theft of resources. Private companies can do research through voluntary investment and donations

2018-02-06 13:24:24 UTC  

Forcing people to fund unaccountable government research is wrong

2018-02-06 13:24:41 UTC  

well consider what harm it can do. it would be like facebook, but where the data benefits all of mankind rather than turns a profit

2018-02-06 13:24:55 UTC  

and you give the data in exchange for free healthcare

2018-02-06 13:24:59 UTC  

so is it theft?

2018-02-06 13:25:02 UTC  

you also consent

2018-02-06 13:25:15 UTC  

data governance rules for healthcare data are the most stringent rules around

2018-02-06 13:26:36 UTC  

Free healthcare is socialism and theft and arguably slavery. You're not entitled to someone else's labor

2018-02-06 13:27:37 UTC  

this is such a one-track line of thinking that I can only assume you're memeing. presuming you're not, I don't think I could convince you either way, so I'll bow out

2018-02-06 13:28:20 UTC  

Typical socialist, wanting free stuff and forcing me to provide it for you

2018-02-06 13:28:29 UTC  

memeing confirmed πŸ˜›

2018-02-06 13:29:13 UTC  

Not an argument

2018-02-06 13:33:18 UTC  

rape is morally justifiable if done on private property

2018-02-06 13:33:21 UTC  

prove me wrong

2018-02-06 13:34:59 UTC  

cadavers can't consent

2018-02-06 13:35:26 UTC  

prove me wrong

2018-02-06 13:36:32 UTC  

Consent is the basis for civilization. If consent is denied, rape is wrong, even on private property. This is also why socialism is wrong

2018-02-06 13:37:25 UTC  

you mean there's a *social contract*

2018-02-06 13:37:35 UTC  

and so the individual *cannot come first*

2018-02-06 13:37:39 UTC  

they consent to forfeit their rights when they step foot on private property