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2018-03-31 07:07:45 UTC  

So perhaps I should look into it more

2018-03-31 07:07:54 UTC  

Then I can come to American and TURK YER JERB

2018-03-31 07:08:21 UTC  

Do it in Oregon, and then couch surf in our rural areas

2018-03-31 07:08:31 UTC  

Make a vlog

2018-03-31 07:09:47 UTC  

Some chick started a truffle farm in the US

2018-03-31 07:09:51 UTC  

Where everyone said it couldn't be done

2018-03-31 07:09:56 UTC  

And she's making bank on it

2018-03-31 07:10:08 UTC  

Something absolutely crazy like $50 a pop

2018-03-31 07:10:59 UTC  

lol yeah, the mushroom growing community took off once the shroome-hippies in the last few decades perfected the whole mass-batch process

2018-03-31 07:11:46 UTC  

Oregon Trail?

2018-03-31 07:12:06 UTC  

*I have died of dysentery*

2018-03-31 07:12:57 UTC  

I'd love to die

2018-03-31 07:13:00 UTC  

Sign me up

2018-03-31 07:13:10 UTC  

Back around 2012 I built a new PC

Intel i7-4770k overclocked to 4gig
16ggs RAM

2018-03-31 07:13:14 UTC  

First game I played on it?

2018-03-31 09:14:53 UTC  

I heard my dad say that David Hogg is well spoken today.

2018-03-31 09:14:57 UTC  

I'm fucking traumatized

2018-03-31 09:15:22 UTC  

I oughta just lop my dick off and end my genetic lineage now

2018-03-31 09:17:00 UTC  

well for a kid, I guess they all are

2018-03-31 09:17:10 UTC  

lots of people seem to be forgetting they're just kids

2018-03-31 09:17:25 UTC  

so a) they shouldn't be speaking, and b) of course they're cringey, wtf did anyone expect?

2018-03-31 09:17:52 UTC  

must be pretty fucking difficult to not be self aware enough to understand why the internet is memeing the hell out of you

2018-03-31 09:20:18 UTC  

He probably doesn't even know it's happening, or if he does he really can't appreciate the scope of it.

2018-03-31 09:20:38 UTC  

The way the kid is acting he is so obviously hyper-inflated by all this shit.

2018-03-31 09:20:45 UTC  

This forced attention.

2018-03-31 09:21:03 UTC  

This kid is already showing signs of becoming truly fucked up by what's happening to him.

2018-03-31 09:23:07 UTC  

well right, the platform is bad for them, and it's bad for the gun control guys. you can't use kids as props, it doesn't work. weak move.

2018-03-31 09:24:14 UTC  

He's a useful idiot, and if he ever truly realizes what's happening to him now, who knows what that would be like.

2018-03-31 09:25:26 UTC  

Anyway, I just had an interesting conversation with some family earlier today, hearing about them being in strong support of the march for our lives and having to try to walk them through a dose of reality.

2018-03-31 09:26:38 UTC  

Feels gratifying to be able to make some headway with people who are that far gone.

2018-03-31 09:26:46 UTC  

That blue pilled.

2018-03-31 09:28:22 UTC  

That is all, good day.

2018-03-31 14:22:19 UTC  

I don’t blame Hogg tbh, it’s the adults they’re giving him all this power to go out and say and do what he wants. What’s dangerous about it too is that no one is correcting him, no one is telling him that he might be wrong, everyone has his cock so far down their throats because he’s a victim. *He’s traumatized.* *He should be able to say what he wants.* What these people don’t understand is that he’s a demagogue, essentially letting his feelings take advantage and I hate it.

2018-03-31 14:37:36 UTC  

@Deleted User
he is not traumatized

2018-03-31 14:37:47 UTC  

he seems to be enjoying everything

2018-03-31 14:37:56 UTC  

makes me wonder how sane he is

2018-03-31 14:38:13 UTC  

also, that emma girl, there is a clip of her justifying the bullying they did to the guy

2018-03-31 14:38:13 UTC  

He’s not too sane tbh

2018-03-31 14:38:21 UTC  

Lets not forget he wasnt there when it happened