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That's whom I assumed at first but I wouldn't expect Pool to be angry about Musk calling out media BS

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he was mad at the media, not Musk

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the video is further up

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I see.

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I think nowadays my eyes just completely miss Tim's videos because the thumbnails are so generic

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This looks like a WWE locker room interview

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```“Imagine being on an island where more than one in five people have never heard of Cambridge Analytica, gammon is an old-fashion pork cut, 78 per cent of people don’t talk about politics most days, and 99 per cent of people don’t watch Prime Minister’s Questions.

“In fact that island exists, and you may well be on it now. It’s called Great Britain.”```

and Broo Lives there

and he thinks Ferrari is God

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bad example I guess

I don't imagine it

I see it outside my bedroom window

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People have been sending Totalbiscuits twitter really awful messages for supporting #gamer gate

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Anti-GG are the worst kind of human beings.

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Pedophiles, rapists, liars...

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Sad, because TB's wife is in control of that account now and will probably be seeing all of it

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Oh yeah, journalists will be breathing down Elon's neck for a week or two.

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I hope some good slander and libel lawsuits come out of this.

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Musk 2024!

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That 1 attack though... Muslim decided to go on a killing spree of sacred cows in India. Karma is a bitch.

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@DanielKO They all are by this point.

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elon's woke on the JQ

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You know they're something deeply ironic about how reddit has suddenly turned against Elon, all for proposing a website where the public submit news articles and rate them on trustworthiness

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You know, like reddit.

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And he wants to name it after a Soviet propaganda rag

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Yeah, not a fan of the name.

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Looks like that idea's been going well for him