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2017-05-15 04:55:45 UTC  

I like the street sign, Jimmy

2017-05-15 04:56:01 UTC  

Reddit/r the Donald

2017-05-15 05:00:03 UTC  

If I get a new camera Goy Wonder could record any hijinks Chad and me might get up to.

2017-05-15 05:00:51 UTC  

My phone can do video of decent quality.

2017-05-15 05:03:17 UTC  

Yeah, main point being to give Goy an important active role but also save his identity for future use. Make 'em work for it.

2017-05-15 05:04:15 UTC  

Your's too, for that matter. This may be too close to home for daylight operation

2017-05-15 05:06:44 UTC  

I was originally considering that as well; hence the chalkocaust night prior idea. Willing to stand for my beliefs, not too concerned with Corvallis fags.

2017-05-15 05:07:38 UTC  

Maybe some of the <@&304026151402340355> would like to get in on this as well?

2017-05-15 05:08:40 UTC  
2017-05-15 05:09:49 UTC  

There may even be downloadable print files for Corrie on the web somewhere

2017-05-15 05:24:07 UTC  
2017-05-15 05:52:52 UTC  
2017-05-15 05:57:25 UTC  

I-5 overpass exit 88?

2017-05-15 05:58:19 UTC  


2017-05-15 05:59:15 UTC  

just look at those lovely margins

2017-05-15 07:56:21 UTC  

They're gonna have ROP on us before we can say Heil Hitler down there.

2017-05-15 18:11:11 UTC  

How far north?

2017-05-15 19:23:22 UTC  

We should hold the <@&304026039766482955> meet up at exit 88 next month. Flagocaust 2 with "End Jewish Supremacy" banner.

2017-05-15 19:24:37 UTC  

How far is 88?

2017-05-15 19:24:59 UTC  

Lol I just realised the 88 reference

2017-05-15 19:25:32 UTC  

Well, exit 88 minus exit 27 (or 30) equals what?

2017-05-15 19:31:36 UTC  


2017-05-15 19:33:24 UTC  

All the freeway exits correlate to a mile marker. Exit 88 is at mile marker 88. If you live near exit 27 (or 30), then you know how far it is.

2017-05-15 19:35:28 UTC  

Good point

2017-05-15 19:39:20 UTC  

Additional sign ideas for this Saturday: jewish media divides America. stop blaming whitey. white and proud. Anti-White is Racism. End White Genocide. The Whites you hate are jews.

2017-05-15 19:40:22 UTC  

@Jimmy Marr ROP extremist terror will not stop our human rights activism.

2017-05-15 19:57:55 UTC  

@Australopithecus Jordan the whites you hate are jews
Need to keep pressing this; jews aren't white.

2017-05-15 20:33:40 UTC  

The Whites you hate are Jews

2017-05-15 20:33:53 UTC  

that one's golden enough that a Jew would shave it

2017-05-16 00:47:45 UTC  


2017-05-17 02:08:34 UTC  

@DatGoy can you reach out to your local comrade about Sunday's Anti-White Solidarity Fair. He's got himself convinced that May 21st will fall on Saturday. I tried suggesting otherwise earlier today, but he was not receptive and I knew better than to push the issue. I advise caution when broaching temporal issues with him. I've seen him become combative when his sense of time is contraindicated. He had me literally shaking earlier this spring when I suggested that maybe he should move his clock ahead for Daylight Savings .

2017-05-17 02:12:12 UTC  

A subtle approach may be best. Something like " I wonder if the anti-Whites will still be decked out in their Sunday clothes when they arrive at the Solidarity Fair?"

2017-05-17 02:22:11 UTC  


2017-05-17 02:22:36 UTC  

God damnit

2017-05-17 02:22:39 UTC  

Tried so hard

2017-05-17 02:24:07 UTC =401&cid =6644&said=front

2017-05-17 02:24:23 UTC  

I've been working on a "WOTAN MIT UNS" banner out of 3ft vinyl banner stock. I'm using 2ft tall lettering and It looks like it will work out to be about 25ft long. That will leave me a remnant of 11ft from the 12yard roll.

2017-05-17 02:24:48 UTC  
2017-05-17 02:24:52 UTC  

I give up

2017-05-17 02:26:38 UTC  

I'm hoping I can use the remnant to make a two line banner with 1ft tall letters reading "OPEN BORDERS FOR ISRAEL". That would be manageable with three guys on Sunday.

2017-05-17 02:27:09 UTC  

Open borders for Israel!