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2017-05-21 08:54:55 UTC

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Philosemites "intimidated" by sidewalk chalk advocating a future for White children

2017-05-21 18:44:47 UTC

2017-05-21 18:44:50 UTC  

Lugen presse at it again with their photo shop magic. Here is the actual photo of Jimmy from yesterday.

2017-05-21 19:40:36 UTC  

Yesterday was pretty wild. After watching people's reactions and reading their comments on that Facebook thread I feel certain that we dramatically raised the level of cognitive dissonance in Corvallis and significantly reduced the "solidarity" of the status quo and its fallacious Left/Right dichotomy. I realize in hindsight that because of your KEK flags, you and Andrew lured the crowd into believing yourselves to be to the "right" of me. They couldn't seem to avoid the presumption that compared to you, I was simply a confused, but generally avuncular old hippie. Then, just when they thought they had you guys on the ropes by successfully proving through tedious debate that you were confirmed White supremacists, I jumped up and declared that all jews are congenital liars and demanded their collective counter-extermination as rightful retribution for their devious attempt at White genocide. That was a bridge too far for their weak minds to grasp and they took a plunge into the cognitive abyss. When they pull themselves back out of it, they are going to discover that the political landscape "don't look like Kansas anymore". Cognitive dissonance is the precursor to behavioral change.

2017-05-21 19:45:59 UTC  

That old hook nosed kike couldn't have wandered onto the set at a more fortuitous time if KEK had choreographed it Himself.

2017-05-21 19:54:01 UTC  

Actual photo of Jimmy Marr from yesterday. Misquoted. He actually said, I'm not sorry I holocausted your Jew party.

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I'd love to hear how Freya described her encounter to her boyfriend when she got back home. I love that photo of her situated between lesbians on the left and Nazis on the right. She's definitely more interested in what's to her right, and the lesbians have their "fascist scum" arrow aimed directly at her.

2017-05-21 20:43:24 UTC  

sounds like it was a good party.

2017-05-21 22:27:58 UTC  

That article is incredible. Not only did we get the lead image, but the photos of the fair show a ghost town.

2017-05-21 22:28:30 UTC  

Those first three paragraphs

2017-05-21 22:29:40 UTC  

More than 50% of the article was explicitly about us

2017-05-21 23:50:46 UTC  

Huh. Wish we could read it...

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Click the link, it should work.

2017-05-22 03:47:44 UTC  

Was able to through the link dropped on Twitter, but this one forced subscription from the get-go... thanks tho

2017-05-22 17:20:09 UTC  

What do you guys think about a few of us starting up our own podcast for this region?

2017-05-22 17:20:51 UTC  

Many of them are so low energy it's sickening

2017-05-22 17:21:02 UTC  

F****** soy

2017-05-22 17:22:29 UTC  

Good idea, lots of potential. Just have to differentiate and be high energy and interesting.

2017-05-22 17:23:08 UTC  

I completely concur so many or just low energy let's talk about issues that America faces they're not full Fast let's get operations going gas the kikes race war now

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2017-05-22 17:23:28 UTC  

I think it's a great​ idea. Do we have proper equipment?

2017-05-22 17:24:23 UTC  

Uber does comma I have some decent built-in equipment in my Alienware

2017-05-22 17:25:49 UTC  

I also have OBS so we could have visual

2017-05-22 17:49:40 UTC  

Okay that's pretty cool. I think that could be really valuable for us.

2017-05-22 17:53:40 UTC  

Takers? Anyone who can spare time?

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2017-05-22 18:21:31 UTC  

You will need a kick ass name for this glorious creation

2017-05-22 18:21:42 UTC  

This is true

2017-05-22 18:21:57 UTC  

How do we make it reflect our land and our people

2017-05-22 18:23:02 UTC  

because we are the cascadian ubermensch

2017-05-22 18:48:50 UTC  

Cascadian Lebensraum

2017-05-22 18:59:54 UTC  

Lol its literally lebensraum

2017-05-22 21:09:45 UTC  

So there was a free speech rally a few weeks ago and there was some antifa and the mayor of portland showed up. We had no idea who he was but we have a pretty good photo.

2017-05-22 21:48:32 UTC  

That was a nice staged photo op. Wew.

2017-05-22 21:50:23 UTC  

This is why I would rather us do our own blitz rallies. Antifa will be looking for us, no big deal, but now we are going to be harassed by faggot Trump people all day as well. We better form a pack and stick together this time.

2017-05-22 21:51:28 UTC  

On top of that Trump has gone so cucky that I feel supporting him is no longer in our interests.