Message from DatGoy in Cascadian Coffee Company #operations

2017-05-23 21:06:06 UTC  

I like the Jolly Roger motif. Works really well with the subject matter

2017-05-23 21:08:02 UTC  

Actually, beornmod, you're going to be wearing a kilt, mkay?

2017-05-23 21:08:35 UTC  

You'll get used to it, I promise. Trust me (rubs hands together).

2017-05-23 21:10:18 UTC  

I'm down with that. Aren't they like $300? Last I checked a few years ago they were

2017-05-23 21:11:04 UTC  

The Betsy Ross Battalion doesn't know it yet, but they're going to be making them.

2017-05-23 21:11:43 UTC  


2017-05-23 21:26:52 UTC  


2017-05-23 21:27:52 UTC  

I thought banner would say, "It's the kikes" flanked by an image of Dr. Pierce.

2017-05-23 21:31:42 UTC  

On a serious note: this sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe we can bring a camping grill and gas some steaks, beef war now.

2017-05-23 21:34:56 UTC  

If the girls run short of tartan, Fourteen can wear his lederhosen. And don't forget the sauerkraut either.

2017-05-23 21:58:44 UTC  

The wife knows that if we run out of kraut she will be choked. We always have kraut thanks to White Sharia.

2017-05-23 21:59:30 UTC  

*joking, of course I don't really choke my wife.

2017-05-24 12:30:17 UTC  

Jared Wyand with some thoughts that we should consider when deciding whether or not and why we should do public operations:

2017-05-24 12:30:44 UTC  

Jared WyandPRO ยท @JaredWyand
14 hours
This is why I do it. It's like taking off a gas mask outside to show everyone the air is fine ๐Ÿ˜…
John SalisburyPRO ยท @5Strat
I'm giving a shout out to @JaredWyand Months ago I had a different handle every two weeks and never used my real name out of fear of reprisal. Then one day I read a post on twitter from Jared that basically said "Hey, I don't hide behind an avatar. This is me and these are my thoughts." Brilliant

2017-05-24 20:12:30 UTC  

I work that day so I might not be able to make it but it sounds like a good time. I might see if I can get the day off

2017-05-25 00:38:43 UTC  

As you know, the real anniversary is on Thursday, June 8th. I'm not ruling out the possibility of doing multiple displays in different places on different dates. What would be ideal for you, Uber?

2017-05-25 00:43:58 UTC  

I'd like to do at least one display prior to June 8th so I can have a photograph on hand to Tweet on the actual anniversary date.

2017-05-25 00:48:43 UTC  

Three men is probably the minimum "skeleton" crew it will take to execute a display and get a decent photograph with some contextual depth of field. I want to display these materials simultaneously to north and southbound traffic, so I will be producing all materials in duplicate. Two banners and four placards.

2017-05-25 01:02:37 UTC  

Nice ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

2017-05-25 04:31:19 UTC  

@Jimmy Marr Is Memorial Day too soon?

2017-05-25 04:31:44 UTC  

Very fitting for a Liberty remembrance

2017-05-25 10:39:50 UTC  

Probably too soon for total completion, but I'll keep working and see what I can have done by Memorial Day. An easily done adaptation of the Jewly Roger placards would be as bookends for the ensconcement of a " 9 - 11 " placard. USS Liberty reveals the jewish modus operandi/ 911 demonstrates its most recent application.

2017-05-25 12:22:13 UTC  

As I sat drinking real coffee this morning, the ghost of Balls McSack appeared before me and related his vision of a white banner inscribed with red letters saying "JEWS DID 9-11" centered between two white on black Jewy Rogers. I don't want to incur his wrath. What shall I do?

2017-05-25 17:17:05 UTC  

Joke: Those Arab fuckers did 9/11

2017-05-25 17:17:22 UTC  

Woke: Bush did 9/11, it was an inside job

2017-05-25 17:18:11 UTC  

Balls McSack: 9/11 was done by the deep state jewish organization known as ZOG

2017-05-25 17:20:54 UTC  

I was thinking about a banner that said that as well, seems the unseen spiritual forces are directing us towards "JEWS DID 9-11"

2017-05-26 02:55:07 UTC  

It's been a long day in the sign shop. I got one Jewly Roger placard completed and the components for a second cut out but not pasted up. Tomorrow I will paste it up and begin cutting for two banners. My goal is to have two placards and two banners ready to roll for Memorial Day.

2017-05-26 03:01:36 UTC  

I'd prefer to have four placards done, but I'm just not sure I can get them done in time for use on Monday. I'll keep plugging away and see how things look as Monday approaches.

2017-05-26 04:11:36 UTC  

good work Gen. Marr

2017-05-26 12:31:00 UTC  

If you and/or Goy could come down here and give me a hand it might make a significant improvement in the production of materials for Monday's display.

2017-05-26 12:50:59 UTC  

Speaking of unseen spiritual forces, as I was relaxing on my front porch awaiting this morning's first light I realized that I was looking straight at Venus . Serrano devotes a huge portion of his work on Esoteric National Socialism to Venusian mysticism. Much of this is related and presaged by Iranian (Aryan) mythology related to "Northern Man".

2017-05-26 13:44:27 UTC  

It's been decades since I read any of this stuff. Not necessarily recommending this, but just posting to show the existence of the genre that Serrano picked up on and incorporated into his idea of Esoteric N.S.

2017-05-26 13:54:26 UTC  

In my opinion, the Man of Light is the man of reason as opposed to the man of submission through faith. This man (Aryan man) is anathematized in Genesis as falling under the spell of Lucifer (light giver) in order to obtain mastery over his fate. This is original sin as conceived by the jewish imagination and enforced on Euroman by the corrupted Roman Empire to produce white-skinned christian slaves (i.e. goyim).

2017-05-26 16:59:49 UTC  

I can't make it down today.

2017-05-26 17:08:19 UTC  

The Bible (genesis) is a book of metaphor. Twisted to trick the goyim. It contains fragments of truth like all great lies.

2017-05-26 17:09:12 UTC  

No problem. I'm running ahead of where I thought I'd be.

2017-05-26 20:29:32 UTC  

better slow down Mr. Marr, you'll likely blow something out and be down for the count.

2017-05-26 22:05:12 UTC  

Starting to see that if I want to be able to enlist remote assistance I should get a computerized vinyl cutter, so I can download and cut design graphics submitted and reviewed by others in places like this chat.

2017-05-27 00:17:58 UTC  

what a novel idea!