Message from cos/sin-WA in Cascadian Coffee Company #operations

2017-05-30 04:01:12 UTC  

The other feature of this operation that I particularly enjoyed was having state police and emergency response truck see the signs on my truck as I drove up onto the overpass to collect the materials. "JEWS ARE USING BLACKS AND MUSLIMS TO DESTROY WHITE NATIONS". Combined with the big signs, I think that made a pretty comprehensive impression. I'm also happy the primary complainant was obviously a jew.

2017-05-30 11:08:16 UTC  

The displays were awesome Jimmy. You bring memes to life. You use the world as your Twitter feed. Glad to be a part.

2017-05-30 20:15:31 UTC  

Yes, the banners are excellent Jimmy

2017-05-30 20:15:41 UTC  

Thanks for putting them together so quickly

2017-05-31 13:47:02 UTC  

I'm not going to have the energy to go up to Portland this weekend, but if you guys want to use any of my display materials you're welcome to them.

2017-05-31 22:17:30 UTC  

Low energy? tsk

2017-06-01 01:00:14 UTC  

@Jimmy Marr How about a nice hot cup of kovfefe? That should pick you up LE Marr (le'marr).

2017-06-01 15:55:00 UTC  

Finally got it. It takes a while for stuff to trickle down to my level.

2017-06-03 14:04:31 UTC  

I propose that Central Oregon Aryans join with PDX Stormers to display a "Jews Did 911" banner from the pedestrian overpass spanning I-205 at S.E. Main. We will need at least 6 men to hold the banner.

2017-06-03 14:38:38 UTC  

I'm in

2017-06-03 15:15:31 UTC  

So, the question is when?

2017-06-03 16:03:46 UTC  

Durring the day perferably in the morning

2017-06-03 16:04:26 UTC  

What day?

2017-06-03 16:05:09 UTC  

Really any day works for me.

2017-06-03 16:05:19 UTC  

Night shift life

2017-06-03 16:06:43 UTC  

I guess we'll have to wait for some these day sleepers to chime in.

2017-06-03 16:07:16 UTC  

Looks like Beornmod is lurking at least

2017-06-03 16:07:32 UTC  

He just ducked back out

2017-06-03 16:07:48 UTC  

He's working

2017-06-03 16:08:31 UTC  

Oh, ok, can't fault him for that.

2017-06-03 16:10:06 UTC  

Got to get den shekels. Any way how are you doing jimmy?

2017-06-03 16:14:01 UTC  

Well, I have a lot to be thankful for and one of them is not needing to work for shekels anymore. I just need to be sure I make the best possible use of the free time I have and that mostly means making life as miserable as possible for the enemies of our people.

2017-06-03 16:17:14 UTC  

Sundays and Thursdays are usually good for me

2017-06-03 16:17:24 UTC  

And yeah, sorry, wage cucking

2017-06-03 16:18:03 UTC  

Would it be feasible to squeeze the S.E. Main display tomorrow prior to the big event downtown?

2017-06-03 16:18:27 UTC  

I think it's not far from a MAX station

2017-06-03 16:19:07 UTC  

Glad your having fun!!!

2017-06-03 16:22:35 UTC  

My question is whether or not it would be feasible for us to meet at S.E. Main, do a demo on the pedestrian overpass and then travel as a group on MAX to the downtown event. Exit strategy would be same in reverse.

2017-06-03 16:23:46 UTC  

It wouldn't have to be MAX. It could be any public transportation. I see there is a transit station of some sort at the base of the pedestrian bridge.

2017-06-03 16:36:04 UTC  

We'll scout it out tomorrow

2017-06-03 19:14:26 UTC  

I'm free for shenanigans this weekend, and Portland is a juicy target at the moment

2017-06-03 19:17:39 UTC  

Jimmy, I'm planning on heading down PDX way tomorrow.

2017-06-03 19:22:01 UTC  

I can take dat goy up to Portland tomorrow. (Without Dustin, dude needs to shower before I sit in the truck with him for that long).

2017-06-03 19:29:07 UTC  

I'm not sure he would be a good addition for possible conflict anyway

2017-06-03 19:47:51 UTC  

I'm going to head out for a hike. I'll leave it up to you guys to pin down a meet time and place.

2017-06-03 19:49:52 UTC  

OK, thanks for the feedback. I'm headed out for a walk right now. I'll ponder it and post my thoughts when I get back.

2017-06-03 20:01:03 UTC  

Any of you guys going to the rally tomorrow?

2017-06-03 20:04:23 UTC  

Idea is do a quick overpass demo then head over to rally. We need some of you northern goys to join us to hold 26' banner.

2017-06-03 20:06:06 UTC  


2017-06-03 20:13:24 UTC  

I have some significant safety concerns about that. Commies are already holding rallys today in preparation for tomorrow

2017-06-03 20:49:13 UTC  

If it happens, this will be a blitzkreig strike in an geographic area remote to the hot zone and touching on a political topic that is somewhat remote to the primary ideological thrust of the antifa mindset. The idea being to catch them off guard and unprepared. The real danger occurs largely when patriotard organizers announce their plans in advance and essentially invite antifa to launch an organized resistance and choreographed shit show in concert with the enemyedia. Even at the rally itself, critical danger for individuals will be after the event when they become separated and isolated while returning to their private vehicles. The staging of a remote pre-event can serve the dual purpose of providing a remote congregation point and boarding point for collective transportation into and out of the advertised hot zone.