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2017-07-09 17:54:42 UTC  

@beornmod the weekend window for eclipse activity will be Aug 18-21 just FYI

2017-07-09 17:55:58 UTC  

I'm currently scheduled for work the 18th-22nd, but I may be able to go for the day on Monday

2017-07-09 17:57:26 UTC  

If you try to go somewhere Monday, you won't get very far I think. The eclipse is at 10 something in the morning, and we speculate that freeways and highways will be jammed.

2017-07-09 17:58:35 UTC  

Well I should be getting off at 430 on Sunday

2017-07-09 17:58:56 UTC  

If I understand correctly, we all plan on being done with operation sonnenrad by Sunday night and all camped together somewhere very remote to watch the eclipse in the morning.

2017-07-09 17:59:20 UTC  

Okay, I'll talk it over with some of the goys this Tuesday

2017-07-09 17:59:48 UTC  

Sounds like we should be able to figure something out

2017-07-09 18:05:16 UTC  

Nothin' will eclipse muh activism.

2017-07-09 18:08:15 UTC  

All hands on deck will be needed to hold banner, so you boys should plan on wearing your Cascadia flags as capes, mkay?

2017-07-09 18:11:00 UTC  

We're gonna be like caped crusaders in Batman masks. Too bad we don't have dirt bikes to skirt traffic.

2017-07-09 18:12:18 UTC  

This what we need funds for.

2017-07-09 18:12:24 UTC  

I thought you didn't like crusaders Jimmy

2017-07-09 18:12:54 UTC  

>we fund ourselves into becoming an MC

2017-07-09 18:12:56 UTC  


2017-07-09 18:13:03 UTC  

Yeah, well, I'm "flexible" on certain applications.

2017-07-09 18:13:30 UTC  

If they're crusading yids and hadjis, it all good

2017-07-09 18:13:48 UTC  

As long as it looks cool.

2017-07-09 18:14:06 UTC  

And makes lots of noise, I'm down with it.

2017-07-09 18:14:34 UTC  

Is that why you like the bagpipes so much?

2017-07-09 18:14:47 UTC  


2017-07-09 18:15:49 UTC  

Lol I mentioned something about that night with the bagpipes at the LL in the DS Discord server a few weeks ago and Weev goes "Wait, are you with the PDX Stormers?"

2017-07-09 18:17:06 UTC  

I'm pretty happy with how far that story went

2017-07-09 18:17:27 UTC  

If we can't raise the money for dirt bikes, we can at least get @BotsRob up there with his chainsaw to make the sounds and we'll just run around like we're on air bikes.

2017-07-09 18:18:58 UTC  

With the capes and all, I doubt any spectators will be the wiser, especially if @Uberhat is involved.

2017-07-09 18:19:13 UTC  

Or we could try to chain up the saw to a normal bike's spokes

2017-07-09 18:20:53 UTC  

>Antifa tries to jump us but they find us running in circles around @BotsRob revving a chainsaw

2017-07-09 18:21:39 UTC  

>Antifa slowly backs away

2017-07-09 18:23:33 UTC  

Once you get south of Wilsonville you can forget about encountering any serious group of antifags unless you give them notice well in advance.

2017-07-09 18:26:28 UTC  

To be on the safe side, we should probably keep a garbage can nearby as a decoy for them to attack.

2017-07-09 23:30:09 UTC  

Ten feet of resistance:

2017-07-09 23:31:51 UTC

2017-07-09 23:33:58 UTC  

so how did you make this one?

2017-07-09 23:34:01 UTC  


2017-07-09 23:34:15 UTC  

why ten feet of resist?

2017-07-09 23:34:50 UTC  

You think that's the size it ought to be?

2017-07-10 02:08:10 UTC  

That's some fine-looking lettering, General Marr.

2017-07-10 03:03:06 UTC  

I do indeed like the lettering

2017-07-10 03:03:41 UTC  

@khimære I cut that with the new vinyl cutter. The cut vinyl letters are black and still attached to their white paper liner. Initially the paper liner was completely covered with black vinyl film. The paper backed film is fed through the cutter which lightly scores only the top vinyl layer. Then the vinyl is "weeded", which consists of peeling off reverse image portions. This is the stage shown in the photo.

2017-07-10 03:08:08 UTC  

The next step involves rolling out 2ft wide transfer tape over the to pick them up off the paper liner while maintaining their spacing. The transfer tape, with letters attached will then be rolled out onto a vinyl banner substrate, squeegeed down and back rolled to leave on the black letter on white vinyl banner substrate.

2017-07-10 03:08:37 UTC  

Holy shit

2017-07-10 03:09:14 UTC  

It's roughly 10 feet long simply because that's how much space six letters of that font happen to take up.