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fake news

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only nine arrested for mischief

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We started pumpkin suit on his final decent. Feels good man.

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@Australopithecus Jordan we aren't the only ones dealing with this cuck shit

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Did we contact the Stormer about our case?

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"Make sure you guys disavow anyone who is actually serious about building a wall and deporting them all" -Trump Cuck

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I have an outline to flesh out but I've been lazy

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last week was busy

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also, none of those kikebook normies were recruitable

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Trump's new twitter avatar is quite telling. He hates us. It's just like that movie Wall Street when the big league jew jews over the young guy. It's all about the shekels baby.

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Heartless and totally corrupt

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I've been gone from my house since Friday. Got home this afternoon and can see that I've had visitors. Sidewalk in front of house is thoroughly chalked and Silly String administered to car and house. According to my neighbor this took place on Friday evening. He kindly cleaned the Silly String from critical surfaces before it had a chance to dry in the sun, so once again there is no real damage. In some ways it makes me feel more safe knowing that they are interested in superficial harassment and therefore less likely to feel the need to inflict serious damage. Hopefully they'll just get bored after a while.

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They are boring. Nice that you have a solid neighbor.

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good to know that they're mostly harmless, Jimmy

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probably that neurotic wench from a few blocks away

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Here's an article with numerous photos and videos depicting the scene that unfolded at "Battle of New Orleans". I suspect that this is a magnified example of what 1488 described as happening at Portland's "March for Free Speech". It's a clear example of organized sabotage of our racial nationalist movement by patriotard groups such as Oath Keepers and Proud Boys.

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No 14 words, no future in our country

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Purge the cucks

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The war has always been between gentile and jew.
This cuck chose his side, and there will be no shortage of rope in the near future.

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"my black son"

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you can't make this shit up

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Yeah, the FEDs are shipping these cucks around the country now. Just like they do for BLM and Antifa. We respond by outnumbering them at events and/or holding our own events where they are not welcome, neither is their free speech. Either 14W or get the fuck outta town must be the new creed. @KommieKillinKowboy is right, they have sided against us, no hope for converting federal agents (unless we can offer to replace their salary lulz).

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Looks like Chapman might be up against California's 3 strikes law.

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Ive been shoahd