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2017-05-24 20:23:22 UTC  

That's exactly what I'm afraid of, Wehrmacht. The last thing any piper wants is to be upstaged by an overzealous drummer. Pipes are loud, drums are louder, WAY louder if they fall into the hands of extremists.

2017-05-24 20:27:20 UTC  

The drumsticks will be awarded to you as part of a package deal which includes a small handful of Quaaludes, mkay?

2017-05-24 20:28:59 UTC  

It's either the Quaaludes or the brushes, M8.

2017-05-24 20:33:15 UTC  

... unless Uberpiper volunteers to keep a lid on your enthusiasm. I kinda feel like I'm going out on a limb here, but what the hell.

2017-05-24 20:37:41 UTC  

What we need most at this point to fill out the ranks of our percussion section is a marching bass for pitrunner.

2017-05-24 20:58:06 UTC  

Dont be mad because I'm the most fashy goy

2017-05-24 20:58:18 UTC  

I didnt choose the thug life

2017-05-24 20:58:22 UTC  

It chose me m88

2017-05-24 20:59:40 UTC  

Inb4 streetshitters advance people by their length of employment rather than merit

2017-05-24 20:59:52 UTC  

Gas the shit skins

2017-05-24 21:00:05 UTC  

White sharia now

2017-05-24 22:14:31 UTC  

Day of the blackpills

2017-05-24 22:14:56 UTC  

Bonus: male coworker woke on globalism

2017-05-24 22:15:08 UTC  


2017-05-24 23:25:20 UTC  

Did y'all see what happened to Atomwaffen?

2017-05-24 23:39:25 UTC  

Yeah. Aw are jihadi fags

2017-05-24 23:39:38 UTC  

I knew there was something wrong with them

2017-05-24 23:39:51 UTC  

Don't confuse IM w AWD

2017-05-24 23:39:52 UTC  

Bit theor imagery is on point

2017-05-24 23:40:02 UTC  

Same shit

2017-05-24 23:40:15 UTC  

I was wondering why Odin wasn't answering his DMs

2017-05-24 23:41:04 UTC  

Too busy scrubbing IM of jihadist like literature

2017-05-24 23:41:16 UTC  

They always soubded like white jihadis

2017-05-24 23:43:38 UTC  

I like AWD more than most...

2017-05-24 23:44:52 UTC  

Its a tragedy in that the wigger converts were such a tiny minority but ended up ruining so much

2017-05-24 23:45:55 UTC  

In the long term this will be a lasting warning to any group to not take in any more Cat Stevens

2017-05-24 23:46:39 UTC  

Odin's altruism was his undoing

2017-05-24 23:47:08 UTC  

Ugh, bad situation either way, if they were going to actually blow something up they're as idiotic as muslim jihadists because no, hate to break it to you, but timothy mcveigh did not end up starting rahowa, and if it was in fact leftover rocket fuel well good job leaving it there for a police investigation, just phenomenal optics 👏🏻

2017-05-24 23:51:06 UTC  

Or, it was Devon's explosives? I'm hearing two different things apparently

2017-05-24 23:52:24 UTC  

Seems unclear at this point

2017-05-24 23:57:19 UTC  

Strange, places are contradicting each other. Guess time will tell

2017-05-24 23:59:52 UTC  

I'm sure ZOG will attempt to attribute the explosives to whoever best serves their purposes. In this case, I'm guessing Odin as they already have the murder charges on Devon...

2017-05-25 01:01:07 UTC  

Next meet up we are ordering a plate of bacon. Anyone who doesn't eat a slice is deemed a terrorist and kicked out.

2017-05-25 01:07:49 UTC  


2017-05-25 01:27:48 UTC  

A terrorist attack in manchester. All CNN talks about is an incomplete form by sessions and a republican house nominee bodyalamming someone from the guardian

2017-05-25 01:28:08 UTC  
2017-05-25 01:28:57 UTC  

Dude, if IM goes ynder investigation our ip addresses may be there

2017-05-25 01:29:16 UTC  

"Oh- wait for the cream!"