Message from Artair in Cascadian Coffee Company #general

2017-06-22 23:58:56 UTC  

I was!

2017-06-22 23:59:09 UTC  

Increase your charisma

2017-06-22 23:59:21 UTC  

I'm capped out on 1 agility and enough charisma

2017-06-22 23:59:52 UTC  

oh lol, I love it when you talk in rpgspeak.

2017-06-23 00:00:03 UTC  


2017-06-23 00:00:13 UTC  

What else do

2017-06-23 00:00:27 UTC  

I call the references and metaphors you make?

2017-06-23 00:00:42 UTC  

That's implying you know my thoughts 😉

2017-06-23 00:01:02 UTC  

I have known you long enough to take a guess.

2017-06-23 00:01:09 UTC  

I know

2017-06-23 00:01:59 UTC  

Besides, I'm planning on moving based on the consistent browning of the area I'm in.

2017-06-23 00:02:19 UTC  

Liar and 3 Scorpios

2017-06-23 00:02:27 UTC  

Come at Kascadiae

2017-06-23 00:02:52 UTC  

Scorpios make good liars btw.

2017-06-23 00:03:09 UTC  

Manipulators is a easier term to say

2017-06-23 00:03:18 UTC  

Ask Goebbels

2017-06-23 00:03:32 UTC  

I would hardly say easier, I'm seeing several more syllables.

2017-06-23 00:03:46 UTC  

That's good

2017-06-23 00:03:48 UTC  


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2017-06-23 00:05:20 UTC  

You know I'm a consistent downer.

2017-06-23 00:07:08 UTC  

well, on a happier(?) subject, it's my birthday tomorrow!

2017-06-23 00:55:37 UTC  

Happy Early Birthday Brother!

2017-06-23 01:16:29 UTC  

meh, I don't really care for it actually lol.

2017-06-23 01:16:35 UTC  

Not getting anything worthwhile.

2017-06-23 01:16:42 UTC  


2017-06-23 01:19:34 UTC  

So I'm not actually looking forward to I just realized.

2017-06-23 01:19:48 UTC  

Oh nice

2017-06-23 01:20:16 UTC  

Yeah, I'm turning twenty and I still can't buy myself booze... 😦

2017-06-23 01:20:30 UTC  

Damn I'm sorry

2017-06-23 01:20:47 UTC  

I mean I'm in the same boat

2017-06-23 01:21:10 UTC  

Well, you have people who will buy you the booze.

2017-06-23 01:21:23 UTC  

If you ask T he'll buy you alcohol

2017-06-23 01:21:56 UTC  


2017-06-23 01:38:22 UTC  

Hey guys, not necessarily leaving the chat, but I won't be talking on here for probably a very long time (here or the twitter chat). I'm not doing any good regardlessly.

2017-06-23 01:52:30 UTC  

@Artair moving sounds nice but unfortunately they are shipping brown people all over. If you move to a very rural part of Minnesota they may just ship 1,000 somali's into your town of 3,000 there and then you are right back to square turd. It is a sad reality to face but wherever you end up you will end up with the same problems...eventually. The only recourse is to stand and hold your ground, wherever you end up.

2017-06-23 01:54:37 UTC  

Right, well, we don't have anywhere left, it's over.

2017-06-23 01:54:45 UTC  

Right, delete me if you want then.

2017-06-23 01:55:51 UTC  

The feeling of losing, it's over, blah blah, is all jewish psychology. That is exactly what jews want people like us to believe. They want normies to watch NFL and be cucks. They want awakened people to feel hopeless. You must at some point break that mind state. There are still a whole lot of White folks around and when they figure out this shit show there will be hell to pay for the perpetrators. The wrath of the mob will be a beautiful thing. 110 and never again is a real meme.

2017-06-23 01:56:05 UTC  


2017-06-23 01:58:49 UTC  

Remember that jews are doing all of this shit to us with 2% of the population. If they can run our society with 2% then we can run them out once 2% of us get red pilled, courage and organized. We can also say to all the browns, "It wasn't really working out so you all have to get the fuck out as well."