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2017-06-25 02:41:07 UTC  

We want men in uniform in formation with flags, vids of field training

2017-06-25 02:41:12 UTC  


2017-06-25 02:41:15 UTC  


2017-06-25 02:41:19 UTC  

Oh gods, my parents would never forgive me.

2017-06-25 02:41:32 UTC  

masks work well

2017-06-25 02:41:51 UTC  

Of anyone here, believe me on that matter

2017-06-25 02:42:05 UTC  

my charges were dropped because I was wearing a mask and you just cant prove it

2017-06-25 02:42:06 UTC  

Well, training for that is impossible for me.

2017-06-25 02:42:23 UTC  

without expensive facial forensics

2017-06-25 02:43:00 UTC  

Thats too bad. The propaganda will only feature our imagery we've created

2017-06-25 02:43:21 UTC  

hopefully some pretty fashy, military shit

2017-06-25 02:43:37 UTC  

I love the sound of it though!

2017-06-25 02:44:03 UTC  

Well if you have video editing skills, maybe you can lend a hand another way

2017-06-25 02:44:26 UTC  

All I have is gopro studio and windows video

2017-06-25 02:44:58 UTC  

I have never tried that either, and my picture skills are substandard.

2017-06-25 02:45:45 UTC  

Preaching to the choir

2017-06-25 02:45:58 UTC  

I have substandard equipment aside from my alienware

2017-06-25 02:46:04 UTC  

I do what I can lol

2017-06-25 02:46:30 UTC  

I can do some basic graphics.

2017-06-25 02:47:55 UTC  

Does anyone have any skin clearing hints? I ate a bunch of cereal with gluten, and now my visage is unbearable.

2017-06-25 02:50:05 UTC  

I can help film, last I checked my phone shoots 60fps at 1080p

2017-06-25 02:52:13 UTC  

Is there anything i can do?

2017-06-25 02:54:42 UTC  

You'd have to be with us in person tho, fyi XD

2017-06-25 02:54:59 UTC  


2017-06-25 02:55:06 UTC  

But seriously, appreciate it. If you have any editing skills anything anyone can do is appreciated

2017-06-25 02:55:45 UTC  

Gluten is good for you boy

2017-06-25 02:58:07 UTC  

I would do whatever I can with stock images!

2017-06-25 02:58:38 UTC  

No, its not. My face breaks out and i bleed internally.

2017-06-25 03:02:16 UTC  

Holy shit

2017-06-25 03:02:59 UTC  

Yeah, the bleeding is only in the lowermost section of my intestine.

2017-06-25 03:07:08 UTC  

So yeah

2017-06-25 03:07:14 UTC  

Holy shit.

2017-06-25 03:08:04 UTC  

There is many many times the amount of gluten in wheat today than twenty years ago.

2017-06-25 03:10:59 UTC  

Not to mention other changes made.

2017-06-25 03:11:44 UTC  

But in short, i won't be meeting anyone of you for the next five days atleast.

2017-06-25 03:28:23 UTC  


2017-06-25 03:28:51 UTC  

nah, those won't help with this, though I should pick some up, feeling pretty shitty right now.

2017-06-25 03:28:55 UTC  

Cashew master race

2017-06-25 03:29:12 UTC  

Me too.I'm gonna try it

2017-06-25 03:29:18 UTC  


2017-06-25 03:29:48 UTC  

alright, make sure to eat a few handfuls of non roasted.