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2017-07-03 20:09:53 UTC  

Word is @Uberhat that it's run by Jews. I got lost down the rabbit hole of that site for about a month. It's very subtle, well crafted propaganda, but if you read through enough of it you will discover (as I did after wasting a month of my life) that it is 90% truth mixed with 10% poison, the Jews special blend, just enough poison to *kill the goyim*

2017-07-03 20:10:22 UTC  

That's what I suspected but it sounds kind of cliche lol

2017-07-03 20:11:01 UTC  

They almost seem to imply that TRUE national socialism is in fact Civic Nationalism that's merely willing to do horrible shit to people who disrupt the society

2017-07-03 20:11:11 UTC  

And that it involves leader worship basically

2017-07-03 20:11:24 UTC  

But talks abt this as if that's a good thing somehow?

2017-07-03 20:14:36 UTC  

According to "":
Fags are ok. Muds are ok as long as they have "race". Basically everything is ok. They throw in some out of context quotes to sound official & The big red flag is David Myatt, he's quoted *EXTENSIVELY* through out it, look up David Myatt & ask your self if he's someone you should be taking advice from about NS... 🤔

2017-07-03 20:25:22 UTC  

I also noted then quoting some person named "Rosenberg" extensively through the article

2017-07-03 20:25:39 UTC  

They outright reject "identitarianism" and "racism"

2017-07-03 20:26:45 UTC  

Basically the only thing they seemed to say was absolutely haram was Jews but only because they are the "physical manifestation of Judaism" which is bad I guess

2017-07-03 20:28:56 UTC  

Rosenberg is legit. Alfred Rosenberg was the main philosopher in the NSDAP. He was not Jewish & was one of only 12 that received the death sentence at the Nuremberg "trials". Though he never held a military rank or ordered the death of a single individual.

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2017-07-03 20:33:00 UTC  

Okay thanks I'll check out the vids later today

2017-07-03 20:34:27 UTC  

"I did not see in Hitler a tyrant," Rosenberg told the court, "but like many millions of National Socialists I trusted him personally on the strength of the experience of a fourteen-year-long struggle. I served Adolf Hitler loyally, and what the party may have done during those years, that was supported by me too." In a conversation with Fritzsche he was even more emphatic: "No matter how often I go over everything in my mind, I still cannot believe that there was a single flaw in that man's character."

2017-07-03 20:34:44 UTC  

Loyal to the end.

2017-07-03 20:35:34 UTC  

I saw a quote by Rudolf Hess in hoi4 the other day "With most men you admire from afar, they lose their magic when you draw closer. With Hitler the opposite is true."

2017-07-03 20:35:49 UTC  

Great quote.

2017-07-03 20:38:16 UTC  

Aryanism is anti-tribalism. Jews are only bad bc they are tribal, Aryanism claims that we do not want to become like Jews in order to defeat the Jew by becoming tribal, "*what you need goy is to be more UNIVERSAL*"

2017-07-03 20:39:00 UTC  

Obviously this is absurd.

2017-07-03 20:40:04 UTC  

Deny race you deny nature. Deny nature and you are ipso facto not National Socialists.

2017-07-03 20:59:32 UTC  

Yeah I noticed when they were bad talking anti tribalism that what they were describing sounds suspiciously like globalism - Jews + leader worship

2017-07-03 21:01:10 UTC  

Yea I looked into it a lot a few months back, basically tries to discredit legitimate racialism. Divide and conquer = oldest Jewish trick in the book.

2017-07-03 22:04:00 UTC  

@My Name Is Hate Where did you get that from?

2017-07-03 22:33:00 UTC  

@Artair I believe that's what he and I were specifically referring to

2017-07-03 22:53:25 UTC  

Ah, didn't look that far back in their article!

2017-07-03 22:53:35 UTC  

It's really easy to dismiss everything they say.

2017-07-03 23:12:36 UTC  

They even went into this section where they said that they believe that the "pop icon" phenomenon and the messages they pushed in the post war period were subconsciously caused by the infatuation people had with an avatar like Hitler, and that then the Jews tried to claim credit for what is basically in my opinion degeneracy anyways

2017-07-03 23:13:47 UTC  

They call NS "the true left" and modern leftism as we know it "the false left" lol

2017-07-03 23:14:53 UTC  

Their whole idol worship ideal is poised as "maximally expressed individualism," that essentially in a society with a fuhrer that is peak individualism because one specific individual is maximally expressed and supported by everyone else

2017-07-03 23:15:38 UTC  

They notably nit pick from texts to make a figure look "Non racist," but I checked their sources, and the next paragraph dismantles their point.

2017-07-03 23:16:15 UTC  

I think their main misunderstanding is that they conflate racism and racialism

2017-07-03 23:16:51 UTC  

After the Olympic games Hitler shook hands with that famous black runner whereas the American president wouldn't even meet with him in the White House

2017-07-03 23:17:00 UTC  

Hitler was probably less racist than I am

2017-07-03 23:17:15 UTC  

Racialism is merely looking out for your own people

2017-07-03 23:17:44 UTC  

That individualism bit sounds like the faux philosophy bs that the left uses just to confuse people

2017-07-03 23:18:05 UTC  

It sounds like Marxism dressed up as NS honestly

2017-07-03 23:18:38 UTC  

Jesse Owens, yes. Funny that people thought he "proved the evil nazis wrong" when every racialist believed blacks evolved sprinting more anyways

2017-07-03 23:19:46 UTC