Message from Steel in Montreal Storm #general

2017-01-30 11:37:54 UTC  

were already winning kid

2017-01-30 11:37:54 UTC  

He's a successful businessman from New York for Christ's sake. What are you a populist?

2017-01-30 11:38:03 UTC  

were gonna keep winning

2017-01-30 11:38:07 UTC  

so you better suck it good

2017-01-30 11:38:32 UTC  

You didn't answer my question.

2017-01-30 11:38:35 UTC  

You a libertarian?

2017-01-30 11:38:39 UTC  

A racist liberal?

2017-01-30 11:38:47 UTC  

topkek do i look like some faggot that votes for a FEEL THE JOHNSON dildo

2017-01-30 11:38:56 UTC  

stop your jewish tricks

2017-01-30 11:38:58 UTC  


2017-01-30 11:39:27 UTC  

Semantics, I mean classical liberal. You want individualism right? Muh freedom. Just get rid of the spics and niggers and we'll have a white utopia?

2017-01-30 11:39:32 UTC  

Where's the morality?

2017-01-30 11:39:42 UTC  

morality is only for the white man

2017-01-30 11:39:46 UTC  

just like humanity

2017-01-30 11:40:09 UTC  

You from TRS?

2017-01-30 11:40:22 UTC  

topkek i always hated that piece of shit show

2017-01-30 11:40:24 UTC  

edgy fucking kids

2017-01-30 11:40:53 UTC  

topkek nice meme my dude. In any case, this is a pretty good read, if you're interested.

2017-01-30 11:41:07 UTC  

You just sounded like a TRS shill that's all

2017-01-30 11:41:12 UTC  

with the whole god emperor kek memes.

2017-01-30 11:41:15 UTC  

top kek

2017-01-30 11:41:23 UTC  

TRS just took that shit from fullchan

2017-01-30 11:41:28 UTC  

they try to use memes but they cant

2017-01-30 11:41:36 UTC  

meme magic is real tbh

2017-01-30 11:42:42 UTC  

Trump agreed to move the Israeli capital to Jerusalem.

2017-01-30 11:42:49 UTC  


2017-01-30 11:51:33 UTC  

@THE HANDIKKKAPER✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ Also, when I asked about the morality, I wasn't referring to the treatment of other races, I was referring to the morality of holding up a POZ'd flag. So willing to compromise for votes? And he won't compromise in office? I was talking about ethical guidelines rather than just utilitarian power plays.

2017-01-30 12:19:10 UTC  

Well sure

2017-01-30 12:19:14 UTC  

But well see

2017-01-30 12:19:18 UTC  

So far so good tbh

2017-01-30 12:19:34 UTC  

Not bad

2017-01-30 12:33:38 UTC  

Wanna bet theyll blame trump for the mosque shooting

2017-01-30 12:33:47 UTC  

they already started

2017-01-30 12:33:57 UTC  

Omg im not even surprised

2017-01-30 12:34:04 UTC  

Im at work so

2017-01-30 12:34:15 UTC  

And i dont listen to kosher media

2017-01-30 12:53:47 UTC  

Ugh another coworker is an anti trump cuck

2017-01-30 12:53:50 UTC  


2017-01-30 12:54:02 UTC  

People are fucking stupid

2017-01-30 12:54:19 UTC  

I go fishing for their stance on stuff and they dont realize it