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2018-09-28 16:17:55 UTC  

a good read in this eyewitness cant be wrong age bullshit

2018-09-28 16:18:23 UTC  

dont tell dudes on there you have anxiety please

2018-09-28 16:18:31 UTC  


2018-09-28 16:18:32 UTC  

it makes you again, easy to target

2018-09-28 16:19:10 UTC  

I am not that gullible nor do I plan on actually physically meeting with anyone unless ive gotten to know them fairly well

2018-09-28 16:19:21 UTC  

funny how everyone is reeeeeeeee-ing over Mark Judge not wanting to testify

2018-09-28 16:19:33 UTC  

If they'd allowed this whole circus to be done behind closed doors he might've shown up

2018-09-28 16:19:55 UTC  

dont give yourself too much credit for seeing through people--they can still trick you even if youre smart

2018-09-28 16:20:12 UTC  

cant blame a man for not wanting to be a part of the shit show of a huge dumpster fire

2018-09-28 16:20:17 UTC  

Some of these guys are *really* cute I had no idea

2018-09-28 16:20:56 UTC  

I mostly see uggos in my city

2018-09-28 16:21:17 UTC  

im sure you already know to only meet in public places, and that if you THINK you know someone from online you can still be wrong

2018-09-28 16:21:21 UTC  

oh look he took the photo in his bedroom

2018-09-28 16:21:56 UTC  

and dont take drugs with people you just met

2018-09-28 16:22:07 UTC  

Thanks but I've been to enough drug deals to know how to meet people safely

2018-09-28 16:22:14 UTC  


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2018-09-28 16:22:29 UTC  

I also carry a gun in my car

2018-09-28 16:22:38 UTC  

I had a honey deal going down with turks that reminded me of drug deals

2018-09-28 16:22:41 UTC  

my friendlty neighbourhood dope dealer is younger than me and lives in a cat-filled townhouse. He's too skinny to hurt anyone.

2018-09-28 16:22:50 UTC  

I'm honestly more worried about getting catfished

2018-09-28 16:22:53 UTC  

And I've known him for years so lmao

2018-09-28 16:23:14 UTC  

they wanted 40kg and even put some honey on paper and burned it

2018-09-28 16:23:44 UTC  

Also I am 6'1" and pretty intimidating I doubt I'll be targeted

2018-09-28 16:24:37 UTC  

Tucker said the guy talking right now

2018-09-28 16:24:47 UTC  

has admitted to molesting a kid

2018-09-28 16:24:57 UTC  

Honey deal?

2018-09-28 16:25:02 UTC  

nice, must be best buddy with bill

2018-09-28 16:25:04 UTC  

Like literal bee honey or

2018-09-28 16:25:05 UTC  


2018-09-28 16:25:05 UTC  

honey runners

2018-09-28 16:25:16 UTC  

literal bee honey

2018-09-28 16:25:24 UTC  

Wait why

2018-09-28 16:25:25 UTC  

yeah something not gay

2018-09-28 16:25:28 UTC  

or drugs

2018-09-28 16:25:34 UTC  

im a beekeeper

2018-09-28 16:25:46 UTC  

i considered becoming a beekeper for a time

2018-09-28 16:25:56 UTC  

I talk about a lot more than the big gay and drugs just that everyone starts bitching when I do

2018-09-28 16:26:03 UTC  

i had a hard time finding a place to buy supplies that arent just hobbyist-level