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2016-10-26 15:20:48 UTC  

But we can help eachother

2016-10-26 15:20:57 UTC  

Discreetly if neccesary

2016-10-26 15:21:13 UTC  

I don't present myself as a Nazi in interviews or important situations

2016-10-26 15:21:20 UTC  

I wish whites could help whites in the open, funny were supposed to be priveleged and so hooked up because of our skin colour.

2016-10-26 15:21:39 UTC  

Biggest joke of all time

2016-10-26 15:22:35 UTC  

Becoming a real fallacy, Indians help Indians, Chinese help Chinese, but less and less will whites help whites for fraternal/racial bonds.

2016-10-26 15:23:45 UTC  

ask albosolidaritas for hookups in the Italian community I think he's a quarter lol

2016-10-26 15:24:05 UTC  


2016-10-26 15:24:16 UTC  

What's a quarter?

2016-10-26 15:24:18 UTC  


2016-10-26 15:24:43 UTC  

He's a quarter Italian. Make-a nice pizza pie

2016-10-26 15:25:07 UTC  

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.... that's Amore

2016-10-26 15:25:39 UTC  

Gotta hand it to them, they're strong all over the world. Except Italy lol

2016-10-26 15:25:54 UTC  


2016-10-26 15:26:38 UTC  

It's too bad your dates are Nov 9th and beyond I was hinting maybe to host an election party here, but that depends on Zeiger

2016-10-26 15:28:45 UTC  

Ah shit it's the night before my huge exam.. Damn nah gonna be with my books with that in the background. FUCK ME. I missed the last debate because he only invited like 4 days before, I need a heads up. Do what you will don't worry about me, although I bet he'll organize something

2016-10-26 15:29:43 UTC  

I wish I could be a full time nazi like zeiger.. Sigh. That'll be my retirement; sitting on my porch sniping anyone darker than me

2016-10-26 15:30:14 UTC  


2016-10-26 15:30:24 UTC  

I'm safe, I'm paler than you

2016-10-26 15:31:42 UTC  

I'd like to recreate that scene in schindlers list with a babe in my bed and having a window to pick off whoever isn't working on my plantation or something

2016-10-26 17:42:36 UTC  

Yo on you get +500 odds for trump winning the election, i think im going to place a bet lol

2016-10-26 17:43:09 UTC  

hillary is the favorite by a landslide but we all know trumps gonna win

2016-10-26 17:44:07 UTC  

sorrys its a 9/2 on paddy power and plus 500 on williamhill

2016-10-27 00:10:18 UTC  

Yeah I've been betting with mise o jeu

2016-10-27 00:10:36 UTC  

They are offering 4.25 to 1 odds right now

2016-10-27 00:10:46 UTC  

But I placed a few bets at 3.5

2016-10-27 06:54:54 UTC  

Ya im thinking of putting a bill on trump

2016-10-28 16:26:09 UTC  

Not to be missed, read and watch everything on this page wow just wow

2016-10-29 03:26:15 UTC  

(She makes an animation depicting trump and nazis, about the red pilling of a millennial Internet addict. How relevant is that)

2016-10-29 04:26:08 UTC  

haha gavin is cucked

2016-10-29 04:26:29 UTC  

but tbh she didnt do a good job especially on the jew side of the argument.

2016-10-30 03:43:28 UTC  

Pretty good for a recently pilled millennial female.. And the best news:

2016-11-01 07:05:10 UTC  

just found this, thought it was pretty inspirational

2016-11-01 14:59:43 UTC  


2016-11-07 01:05:51 UTC  

2 more days day guys!

2016-11-07 01:05:56 UTC  

fucking cant wait

2016-11-07 01:11:22 UTC  

Yea yea

2016-11-07 01:58:44 UTC  

im on a sam hyde binge right now

2016-11-07 01:58:50 UTC  

dude is hilarious

2016-11-07 01:59:05 UTC  

u ever see this one?