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not sure if I heard about it but sounds cool

any as for me

2016-08-30 01:03:02 UTC  

and the rest of the group

just let me know when and where to meet up this weekend and i'll be there

2016-08-30 01:03:23 UTC  


2016-08-30 01:03:37 UTC  

i still have to figure out the exact location/route

2016-08-30 01:03:54 UTC  

but ideally it'll be from one betro station to another, taking pictures along the way

2016-08-30 01:04:03 UTC  

that way it'll be simple for everybody

just for my info, i know sergei, zach are participating

who else?

2016-08-30 01:05:02 UTC  

greg, lawrence, and I think another DS guy

2016-08-30 01:05:11 UTC  

malfunctioning goy

ok cool

pool party this sunday btw, bring whoever

2016-08-30 01:05:38 UTC  

so about 8 people in total

2016-08-30 01:05:44 UTC  


2016-08-30 01:05:49 UTC  

that's the general one, right?

2016-08-30 01:06:03 UTC  

okay, i'll tell the DS guys

2016-08-30 01:06:11 UTC  

actually, this is the ds chat too

2016-08-30 01:07:04 UTC  

The TRS standard pool party for montreal will be this sunday evening in an appartment building in the plateau mont-royal.

2016-08-30 01:07:09 UTC  

i mean it's not a TRS event exactly

but yea

2016-08-30 01:08:10 UTC  

here i can just pin important messages so people will see them

2016-08-30 01:08:14 UTC  

yeah, i get it

don't want people to think their views aren't welcome if they don't align with TRS or something

2016-08-30 01:08:29 UTC  

but it's just to let people know that it's a different gang

2016-08-30 01:08:44 UTC  

hopefully, now it'll be one gang

2016-08-30 01:08:50 UTC  

that'll make things simpler

2016-08-30 01:08:58 UTC  

at least, simpler for me!

2016-08-30 01:09:24 UTC  

Jesus christ this app makes more noise than all my jew apps combined.

2016-08-30 01:09:31 UTC  

you can mute it

2016-08-30 01:09:42 UTC  

at the top, there' a button

2016-08-30 01:09:58 UTC  

Oh yeah that works

2016-08-30 01:09:58 UTC  

click on it, then "notification settings"