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2018-10-18 18:35:01 UTC  

Just saw a feminists speaker on TV news

2018-10-18 18:35:17 UTC  

They are annoying in English

2018-10-18 18:35:37 UTC  

But hearing them speak in my language makes me want to kill myself even more

2018-10-18 18:36:02 UTC  

it's even better when they use English terminology mixed with their own language

2018-10-18 18:36:11 UTC  

because they're too lazy to translate the stupid shit

2018-10-18 18:36:18 UTC  

We don't even have a word for gender, so they say the equivalent of genre, like it's a movie or some shit

2018-10-18 18:36:23 UTC  

It sounds horrible

2018-10-18 18:36:57 UTC  

They can't translate it because they are all 40 years old women

2018-10-18 18:37:05 UTC  

And that's their audience too

2018-10-18 18:37:38 UTC  

So no one would have a clue of what those buzzword even mean

2018-10-18 18:37:49 UTC  

pretty much

2018-10-18 18:38:31 UTC  

It's incredible to hear this shit on tv

2018-10-18 18:39:10 UTC  

norwegian tv?

2018-10-18 18:39:23 UTC  

They are trying to have more "genre" quotes in some University, and the director of that school is some posh feminist

2018-10-18 18:39:28 UTC  


2018-10-18 18:39:44 UTC  

ok, so they're even getting airtime down there

2018-10-18 18:39:53 UTC  

They are right now

2018-10-18 18:41:13 UTC  

So there is people complaining About those quotas, but they don't mention anything about those complaints, they are just saying it's "BIGOTED AND SEXIST"

2018-10-18 18:41:22 UTC  

But they don't even show one

2018-10-18 18:41:46 UTC  

they know they can't argue with logic

2018-10-18 18:43:07 UTC  

And a blonde, arrogant looking old fart tells me: when you get such sexist letters, you should not even read them, dont listen to them, just throw them in the trash *motions as if she's throwing stuff in a bin*

2018-10-18 18:43:21 UTC  


2018-10-18 18:43:37 UTC  

yea it a reason why everythime there is a discustion bettween fementst and some one else you just have a bunch of screaching femeneist reeeeing everythime someone tryes to speak

2018-10-18 18:44:34 UTC  

And the person that should regulate the discourse just shushes the anti feminist

2018-10-18 18:44:48 UTC  

Now listen

2018-10-18 18:44:53 UTC  

I have a plan

2018-10-18 18:45:43 UTC  

I'm in my first year, out of three or five if I want an higher degree

2018-10-18 18:46:17 UTC  

that the person that is suposed to be the nutral one is far from nutral and probley is a good friend with the femenist or the femenist had never shown up

2018-10-18 18:46:31 UTC  

By the time I'm done, social justice might have taken over the academia

2018-10-18 18:46:34 UTC  

if these people start trouble at your university, it might be an idea to keep your head down

2018-10-18 18:47:13 UTC  

just keep head down and try to keep for your self, just like in a jail

2018-10-18 18:47:26 UTC  

And that means new engineers will have to learn about trans gender dragon kins, and less about thermodynamics. Boom, job security right there

2018-10-18 18:48:51 UTC  

I mean, in my classroom (I don't know the term in English) there are about 400 people. I can usually see less than 15 girls

2018-10-18 18:48:59 UTC  

That's engineering for you

2018-10-18 18:49:46 UTC  

we have started to see a trend in a lot of big companys that they refuse to hire people from universetys and just trian there own people as it cheeper and most of the uni studens cant shit about what they need anyway

2018-10-18 18:50:43 UTC  

It's cool, I've worked in such a company for a while before going to uni

2018-10-18 18:52:22 UTC  

I'm trying to upload a photo

2018-10-18 18:52:54 UTC  

and gen z looks like they are going fuck school in general and just go for trade skills as it better for them long term

2018-10-18 18:52:55 UTC  

Or they train current employees, like my place.

I could be an engineer equivalent within 10 years, and skip college

2018-10-18 18:53:59 UTC  

Yeah absolutely, a lot of the people working there had the equivalent of experience of an engineer but were actually trained in working

2018-10-18 18:54:37 UTC  

But still