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2018-10-22 02:59:22 UTC  

Despite blue being in there

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>god loves

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Oh and there’s this guy in another class that’s a real hardcore communist

2018-10-22 02:59:59 UTC  

I like how one conversation is about debate and the other is about fucking with a huge dick

2018-10-22 03:00:08 UTC  

I’m talking full on communism

2018-10-22 03:00:12 UTC  

If I love God enough he'll eventually love me back in this God forsaken land

2018-10-22 03:00:15 UTC  

Even with badges etcetera

2018-10-22 03:00:25 UTC  

you niggas talking about the streams can go to <#372508124436758528>

2018-10-22 03:01:10 UTC  

When we were asked about how American soft power projection worked in a lecture he answered in a full on five minute rant about the evils of the American empire exploiting everything blah blah blah

2018-10-22 03:01:19 UTC  

You know the usual commie rhetoric

2018-10-22 03:01:25 UTC

2018-10-22 03:01:34 UTC  

I win the oppression olympics

2018-10-22 03:01:37 UTC  

@Deleted User ask him why he wants american cock so much

2018-10-22 03:02:18 UTC  

We’re talking about a guy that will do any amount of mental gymnastics to justify communism

2018-10-22 03:02:28 UTC  

He’s a nice guy but sadly he’s retarded

2018-10-22 03:02:36 UTC  

>is retarded

2018-10-22 03:02:44 UTC  

I am not surprised at all

2018-10-22 03:03:00 UTC  

you should tell him that he's the first person that's going into the gulag

2018-10-22 03:03:03 UTC  

A nice guy but wants communism

2018-10-22 03:03:06 UTC  

Nah he's a cunt

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2018-10-22 03:03:46 UTC  

The general conclusion you can draw from these people is that they have no fucking idea what they’re advocating for

2018-10-22 03:03:46 UTC  

"A nice guy but wants to eat people brains"

2018-10-22 03:03:51 UTC  

Communists are irredeemable

2018-10-22 03:04:05 UTC  

Death is the only solution

2018-10-22 03:04:24 UTC  

Eh, I always try to separate a person from their politics

2018-10-22 03:04:25 UTC  

I was just talking to my gfs mate who votes SNP. She wanted to debate him and he said he doesn't want to get into it

2018-10-22 03:04:32 UTC  

Because he's an NPC

2018-10-22 03:04:49 UTC  

I hang out with people who don’t necessarily agree with me on politics but are still close friends

2018-10-22 03:05:05 UTC  

When the time comes you'll have to kill them

2018-10-22 03:05:06 UTC  

@Deleted User - Good way to live.

2018-10-22 03:05:12 UTC  

And I value that because it also prevents me from landing in an echo chamber

2018-10-22 03:05:35 UTC  

@Deleted User - What's your current political position?

2018-10-22 03:05:58 UTC  

I’m not really fixed to one position

2018-10-22 03:06:02 UTC  

Depends on the issue

2018-10-22 03:06:10 UTC  

What do you think about the gays

2018-10-22 03:06:11 UTC  

On the political compass test.

2018-10-22 03:06:38 UTC  

If you’re gay just do your thing as long as you don’t fuck over someone else’s rights

2018-10-22 03:06:42 UTC  

I live around people who don't remotely agree with my politics especially on social issues, I'm very used to just not bringing up politics