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2016-10-25 18:24:12 UTC  


2016-10-25 18:24:34 UTC  

that's how the jews get you. that's how they always got white men to go along with them

2016-10-25 18:24:51 UTC  

but then we get fucked over in the long term

2016-10-25 18:25:34 UTC  

working less hours is worth more, in terms of quality of life, than a thousand luxuries

2016-10-25 18:26:05 UTC  

Maybe I should write a piece about this horrible experience

2016-10-25 18:26:20 UTC  

post it on the bbs forum, at least

2016-10-25 18:26:27 UTC  

But I don't wanna seem like a whiner

2016-10-25 18:26:36 UTC  

But I'm fucking furious

2016-10-25 18:26:46 UTC  

My life has literally been affected

2016-10-25 18:26:59 UTC  

hey, athens got fired for being right wing as well a few weeks ago

2016-10-25 18:27:09 UTC  

you're not the only one

2016-10-25 18:27:30 UTC  

i never held a corporate job, so my employer wouldn't have given a damn about me being a nazi anyway

2016-10-25 18:28:35 UTC  

I didn't get fired for that as far as I know, it was a "layoff due to lack of work" but it's getting a new corporate Job that's a problem, as I've been labeled as an authoritarian by all the background check / personality profiling agencies

2016-10-25 18:28:39 UTC  

That hold a monopoly

2016-10-25 18:28:46 UTC  

In this business

2016-10-25 18:28:54 UTC  

And clearly lobby all big companies to use them

2016-10-25 18:28:56 UTC  

... so aren't you getting unemployment insurance?

2016-10-25 18:29:28 UTC  

Yeah but it's capped at 58% of your income up to a maximum of $510 per week

2016-10-25 18:29:43 UTC  

Or 1020 biweekly is how they pay

2016-10-25 18:29:43 UTC  

that's not bad

2016-10-25 18:29:57 UTC  

That's not survivable for my current billa

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2016-10-25 18:30:25 UTC  

shieet, nigga

2016-10-25 18:30:34 UTC  

livin' the pimp lifestyle, are we

2016-10-25 18:30:41 UTC  

I've been doing odd jobs cash so I can collect the EI and extra money without cancelling my EI

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2016-10-25 18:30:50 UTC  

Pimp lifestyle

2016-10-25 18:30:52 UTC  

I wish

2016-10-25 18:31:04 UTC  

rent one of your rooms to a subletter

2016-10-25 18:31:26 UTC  

another fucking white male

2016-10-25 18:31:33 UTC  

I have an add out and even airbnb add because I live next to the airport

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2016-10-25 18:31:47 UTC  

good initiative

2016-10-25 18:32:34 UTC  

I might have to get rid of this place and move into something more down to earth if something doesn't give soon

2016-10-25 18:35:15 UTC  

that would be wise. maybe even move in with others. getting a rent below 400$ would really let down the pressure. you'd have a lot of time on your hands. you could even study a trade if you were so inclined

2016-10-25 18:35:42 UTC  

Nah. It's gonna be my own business if anything

2016-10-25 18:36:00 UTC  

yeah. lot of work, but more interesting

2016-10-25 18:36:26 UTC  

Not inclined to be a tradesman, I'm a business guy. I've been running other people's businesses and sales long enough.

2016-10-25 18:36:51 UTC  

if you have sales skillls, that's the most important thing i guess

2016-10-25 18:37:04 UTC  

That's what I do lol

2016-10-25 21:52:28 UTC  

Wow greg thats seriously fucked up, do you have any idea how this company that does "personality profiling found out about you. Like how did they even gather this evidence that they used to label you an authoritarian, very bizarre fucked up stuff. Ya i've been looking into trades for awhile, even though im in school right now for something completely unrelated, trades will always be in demand and you're basically self employed so it would be very hard to get fired for your political views.