Message from Zeiger in Montreal Storm #general

2016-09-03 00:49:23 UTC  

hopefully, everything will be done in 1h to 1h30

2016-09-03 00:49:35 UTC  

then we can do something else, maybe the axe throwing

im good

for 3pm

can i post it on the fb chat?

2016-09-03 00:52:48 UTC  


2016-09-03 00:53:22 UTC  

2016-09-03 17:49:39 UTC  

ok guys, it's starting soon!

2016-09-03 17:50:23 UTC  

Good luck goyim

2016-09-03 17:50:43 UTC  


2016-09-03 17:51:29 UTC  

also, rare pepe

2016-09-03 17:53:19 UTC  

also, i met vercingetorix yesterday, so he's on the "verified" list. a good goy all around

2016-09-03 17:53:55 UTC  

i added a "verified" channel, which only "verified" guys can see

2016-09-04 00:16:03 UTC  

Operation was a success, all objectives completed. Thanks to all who participated! Heil Victory!

2016-09-04 00:16:17 UTC  

2016-09-04 17:46:20 UTC  

reminder to everyone that there is the alt-right meeting tonight, 6pm

2016-09-04 17:47:25 UTC  

since the book club guys missed the activities yesterday, you should definitely come tonight!

2016-09-04 17:47:30 UTC  

bring your own booze

2016-09-04 21:19:06 UTC  

Good to hear it was a success

2016-09-05 02:21:40 UTC  

oy vey, none of you came to the alt-right meeting

2016-09-05 02:21:57 UTC  

it would have been nice to get everyone in montreal acquainted with each other

2016-09-05 02:22:13 UTC  

next meeting will probably be for the debates on the 26th

2016-09-05 02:22:21 UTC  

we'll watch them and have a bbq

2016-09-05 02:23:52 UTC  

we had 11 people tonight, it was pretty nice!

2016-09-05 02:24:02 UTC  

we had a representative from a toronto group

2016-09-05 02:24:10 UTC  

That's fine I'll be there.. But Gonna need advanced notice considering my situation bro, I wanted to go

2016-09-05 02:24:20 UTC  


2016-09-05 02:24:40 UTC  

i put a notice last monday though

2016-09-05 02:24:47 UTC  

maybe this system isn't working out?

2016-09-05 02:24:55 UTC  

we should work something out then

2016-09-05 02:25:24 UTC  

the important notices are "pinned" at the top of the screen

2016-09-05 11:53:06 UTC  

i actually didn't put it there. i assumed someone would ask, if interested, and then forgot that i didn't put it 😃

2016-09-15 19:52:57 UTC  

ok, you can send messages now

2016-09-15 19:54:23 UTC  

hey whats going on guys

2016-09-15 19:55:29 UTC  

not that much

2016-09-15 19:55:51 UTC  

the next meeting should be on the 26th, for the debates

2016-09-15 19:56:01 UTC  

we'll have a bbq

2016-09-15 19:56:38 UTC  

also, we're combined with the TRS pool party. so everytime there is a standard poolparty, everyone is invited

2016-09-15 19:56:39 UTC  

thats a good idea

2016-09-15 19:56:55 UTC  

whats the TRS pool party