Message from Zeiger in Montreal Storm #general

so i can't talk about this right now

but i'll help as much as i can

do you need something this weekend?

2016-08-27 20:03:57 UTC  

not this weekend

2016-08-27 20:04:03 UTC  

possibly next weekend

2016-08-27 20:04:30 UTC  

all i need are guys for a few hours

2016-08-27 20:04:43 UTC  

I'm here next weekend

2016-08-27 20:07:26 UTC  

I'm also up for next weekend

2016-08-27 20:07:31 UTC  


2016-08-27 20:07:53 UTC  

how does saturday afternoon sound?

2016-08-27 20:08:36 UTC  

Works for me

2016-08-27 20:09:05 UTC  

it'll be a neat adventure

2016-08-27 20:09:29 UTC  

Sounds good

2016-08-27 23:29:31 UTC  

OK I'm here, what did I miss?

2016-08-27 23:29:47 UTC  

scroll up, bro

2016-08-27 23:29:55 UTC  

wait, you're new

2016-08-27 23:30:00 UTC  


2016-08-27 23:30:07 UTC  

you from daily stormer, right?

2016-08-27 23:30:15 UTC  

I am.

2016-08-27 23:30:49 UTC  

ok, so you wanna be part of the next book club meeting

2016-08-27 23:30:52 UTC  

very good

2016-08-27 23:31:09 UTC  

Yes I'm interested in meeting like-minded people.

2016-08-27 23:31:10 UTC  

we're meeting at greg's place, and will lift weights together

2016-08-27 23:31:25 UTC  

then i guess we might drink and eat

2016-08-27 23:31:34 UTC  

the exact date isn't fixed yet

2016-08-27 23:31:38 UTC  

but soon

2016-08-27 23:32:01 UTC  

Ok cool. So where in Mtl is this taking place?

2016-08-27 23:32:17 UTC  

I'm in Verdun.

2016-08-27 23:32:20 UTC  

i think it's in west island this time

2016-08-27 23:32:26 UTC  

you have a car?

2016-08-27 23:32:42 UTC  

Nah I usually bike or take the metro.

2016-08-27 23:32:48 UTC  


2016-08-27 23:32:55 UTC  

But for something like this i wouldn't mind taking a taxi or whatever.

2016-08-27 23:32:57 UTC  

we might be able to give you a lift

2016-08-27 23:33:57 UTC  

Awesome. I work monday to friday 9-5 but weekend sounds good.

2016-08-27 23:34:32 UTC  

probably, we'll see

2016-08-27 23:34:53 UTC  

Ok I'm gonna scroll up and see what I missed.

2016-08-27 23:45:49 UTC  

Hey Zeiger, I'm from the west island + I have a car. Let me know if you need help next weekend, just sent me the date and time.

2016-08-27 23:46:17 UTC  

i have a car as well

2016-08-27 23:46:28 UTC  

did you intend to join the operation?

2016-08-27 23:46:50 UTC  

we might as well combine the operation with the book club meeting, if greg is up for that