Message from Neuromancer in Montreal Storm #general

2017-05-02 22:33:30 UTC  

emotions are by definition irrational

2017-05-02 22:33:34 UTC  

of course

2017-05-02 22:33:40 UTC  

love is as irrational as hate,

2017-05-02 22:33:44 UTC  

doesn't mean its not meaningful

2017-05-02 22:33:55 UTC  

so it doesn't mean anything to say it's irraitonal

2017-05-02 22:34:26 UTC  

it's still inseparable from us as humans, hate is a natural faculty, those who don't feel it are supressing it

2017-05-02 22:34:46 UTC  

I never said it wasn't meaningful. I simply wouldn't subject myself to pure emotion while making decisions in life

2017-05-02 22:35:19 UTC  

I guess I'm just so used to suppressing it that it's part of who I am

2017-05-02 22:35:42 UTC  

in general I agree but often gut feelings are necessary in decision making, business 101 courses will teach this

2017-05-02 22:36:02 UTC  

Emotions are much more easily manipulated

2017-05-02 22:36:17 UTC  

suppressing natural emotions is really not healthy man

2017-05-02 22:36:29 UTC  

many psychological/physical disorders come from this

2017-05-02 22:36:35 UTC  

lol oh yeah?

2017-05-02 22:36:50 UTC  

you are easily in control of your emotions?

2017-05-02 22:37:00 UTC  

In most cases

2017-05-02 22:37:03 UTC  

I mean

2017-05-02 22:37:36 UTC  

There are extreme cases

2017-05-02 22:37:53 UTC  

like if a close family member would be murdered

2017-05-02 22:37:56 UTC  

or something

2017-05-02 22:38:12 UTC  

most emotions are totally unconscious to you

2017-05-02 22:38:19 UTC  

I can prove you wrong by presenting 10 items to you

2017-05-02 22:38:27 UTC  


2017-05-02 22:38:30 UTC  

and reliably predicting which ones you will pick

2017-05-02 22:38:35 UTC  

this is how marketing/advertising works

2017-05-02 22:38:49 UTC  

it manipulates emotions that most people aren't aware of

2017-05-02 22:38:53 UTC  

that guide out behaviour

2017-05-02 22:39:02 UTC  

Yeah which is why I dislike such fields

2017-05-02 22:39:14 UTC  

since most people think like you and are under the illusion that they (which they define as their rational faculty) are in control

2017-05-02 22:39:18 UTC  


2017-05-02 22:39:33 UTC  

because they disprove your metaphysical worldview haah!

2017-05-02 22:39:45 UTC  

but they are also very unethical I agree

2017-05-02 22:40:12 UTC  


2017-05-02 22:40:23 UTC  

the notion that we are primarily in control of our emotions and decisions has been long disproven in the lab

2017-05-02 22:40:23 UTC  


2017-05-02 22:40:28 UTC  

love him I dont care what moonie says

2017-05-02 22:40:38 UTC  

Deafmute I have to go, do we know each other IRL

2017-05-02 22:40:48 UTC  

Were you Normand?

2017-05-02 22:40:48 UTC  

you coming Saturday? Want to continue the convo

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2017-05-02 22:40:55 UTC  

Neuromancer = Normand Mancer lol