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2017-05-05 03:39:41 UTC  

the world is plagued by weak leaders its unbelievable

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Faith is separate from reason, obviously but I wasn't saying reason and faith are mutually exclusive. As for faith = culture, I think to some extent that is true insofar that faith is the spiritual aspect of culture, which is why religious rituals are often inspired by the local culture and become part of the daily lives of people within that culture.

2017-05-05 03:46:10 UTC  

Justin Trudeau is a fag holy shit

2017-05-05 03:46:45 UTC  

Though that basically goes without saying at this point

2017-05-05 03:46:55 UTC  

look at him !

2017-05-05 03:47:11 UTC  

what is that ?

2017-05-05 03:47:29 UTC  

Thats his good goy pose

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2017-05-05 03:47:46 UTC  

it's almost beyound that

2017-05-05 03:50:16 UTC  

how the hell is this guy representing us

2017-05-05 03:50:24 UTC  

how did it happen ?

2017-05-05 03:51:17 UTC  

30 years of demoralization in cultural marxist indoctrination centers

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2017-05-05 03:54:34 UTC  

Education system, Media, Leftist political parties, endless funding from (((international bankers)))

2017-05-05 03:54:57 UTC  

But most of all, FEAR

2017-05-05 03:55:20 UTC  

well its really effective

2017-05-05 03:55:27 UTC  

look at him, he's broken

2017-05-05 03:56:33 UTC  

He's a lifeless puppet. He opens his mouth and you will know exactly what he will say.

2017-05-05 03:56:50 UTC  

haha true

2017-05-05 04:00:06 UTC  

how can he live with himself knowing he is just a puppet, the shame must be terrible

2017-05-05 04:00:28 UTC  

doesnt he want to live a real life?

2017-05-05 04:01:37 UTC  

I think he actually believes his own bullshit and wants so desperately to follow in his daddy's footsteps he is willing to cuck himself to the ends of the earth

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2017-05-05 04:05:34 UTC  

im sure sometimes when he is at home he stops doing what he is doing and starts thinking "i have no pride im just a lifeless puppet"

2017-05-05 04:07:18 UTC  

he has to be !

2017-05-05 04:07:24 UTC  

he can't be serious !

2017-05-05 04:07:34 UTC  

think about it

2017-05-05 04:08:58 UTC  

i really wonder how they really feel these destroyers of nations

2017-05-05 04:09:09 UTC  

the merkels of the world

2017-05-05 04:09:23 UTC  

the popes of the world

2017-05-05 04:58:59 UTC  

They must be replaced lest the continue to drag western civilization down to a muddy grave.

2017-05-05 10:32:05 UTC  

its plagued by something else

2017-05-05 10:32:09 UTC  

weak leaders is just the symptom

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2017-05-05 10:33:03 UTC  

>the popes

2017-05-05 10:33:14 UTC  

those since vatican II sure

2017-05-05 16:29:43 UTC  

ideally you should go with the Church that you were born into but we don't live in an ideal state, like Moonie mentioned, Vatican II ruined the Catholic Church and papacy.

2017-05-05 16:31:34 UTC  

And differences between Catholic and Orthodox Church are ancient and very complex, in a way it doesn't so much matter so long as you are going somewhere but the problem is that traditional minded Catholics don't have a way to really participate in the living tradition of Christianity due to them being force fed pro satanic propaganda every week

2017-05-05 16:33:15 UTC  

That's why many Catholics are converting to Orthodox, probably it is more out of pragmatism for the living tradition (a lot of ex Catholic converts at my Church)