Message from Zeiger in Montreal Storm #general

2016-10-14 17:47:39 UTC  

btw, you need to learn touch-typing 😃

2016-10-14 17:48:10 UTC  

Yes. I'm slowww.

2016-10-14 17:49:54 UTC  

Re-FTN Stream, looking forward to that, but meeting in person regardless takes priority for me. I'd been off of social media for 4 years until going on Twitter for the past month, as VicPennant。

2016-10-14 17:51:21 UTC  

you done got deleted from twitter though

2016-10-14 17:51:30 UTC  

your account is gone

2016-10-14 17:51:48 UTC  

Deactivated my account

2016-10-14 17:53:21 UTC  

It's still there, but I'd rather transfer my twitter-like activity to Gab.

2016-10-14 17:54:00 UTC  

Not owned by a fag, run by SJWs, and actively spying on userbase.

2016-10-14 17:55:54 UTC  

All the point of that is- I am eager to be in communication with like minded goys- alt-right, counter-semitic.

2016-10-14 17:58:13 UTC  

I realized while Tweeting to TRS goys, and it applies here too, that it doesn't matter that I've been listening to podcasts, reading articles & identifying with Alt-right for approx 2 years

2016-10-14 18:00:04 UTC  

As far as anyone knows, I just came out of nowhere. That's why I'm eager to communicate, and meet in person. Sick of being the Eternal Lurker

2016-10-14 18:03:00 UTC  

Ah, I see. Having deactivated the account, all my activity is gone. I'll log in to Twitter now, reactivating the account, and then you'll be able to see my activity.

2016-10-14 18:04:41 UTC  

ok, that's good

2016-10-14 18:04:50 UTC  

honestly, posting on gab is pointless right now

2016-10-14 18:04:58 UTC  

nobody can see what's going on

2016-10-14 18:05:06 UTC  

it's in beta, and currently an echo chamber

2016-10-14 18:05:17 UTC  

i asked for an account, bu still don't have one

2016-10-14 18:05:28 UTC  

once it's open to the public I might start posting there

2016-10-14 18:05:37 UTC  

but i don't even post on twitter much

2016-10-14 18:05:43 UTC  

Yes, it is an echo chamber

2016-10-14 18:05:45 UTC  

like, twice a week or so

2016-10-14 18:05:52 UTC  

i have more followers than tweets...

2016-10-14 18:06:37 UTC  

Twitter, though monitored, is still a better place to reach normies, troll, and get breaking news and info

2016-10-14 18:07:22 UTC  


2016-10-14 18:08:07 UTC  

I left under the principle (cue Vivaldi) that I want to dis-associate & dismpower SJWs

2016-10-14 18:08:26 UTC  

And what they crave is affirmation and validation

2016-10-14 18:09:03 UTC  

They die inside a little whenever someone demonstrates disinterest

2016-10-14 18:44:17 UTC  

Signing out, & back to work now. Got to keep these apartment buildings standing up.

2016-10-14 19:07:33 UTC  

alright, see you later

2016-10-18 20:48:20 UTC  

Hi Zeiger, logging in briefly (before I lose access to this computer & wifi) to confirm for tomorrow. I will be arriving at your place around 7 pm. Looking forward to meeting you, and who ever else is there. All the best!

2016-10-18 22:59:48 UTC  

alright, cool!

2016-10-20 05:26:21 UTC  

Good debate! Wish i coulda come, next time

2016-10-21 04:30:39 UTC  

trump speech at nyc dinner

2016-10-21 04:30:41 UTC  

based af

2016-10-22 03:55:07 UTC  

Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't been present much, I've been working odd jobs like a dog since I got laid off. How is everyone?

2016-10-22 17:37:27 UTC  

good, sorry to hear about your job loss

2016-10-24 18:26:23 UTC  

Loosing your job is white male privilege these days.

2016-10-24 19:16:40 UTC  

Ya ^

2016-10-24 19:17:12 UTC  

losing our culture and our country is also our privilege, man we are so lucky

2016-10-24 23:00:34 UTC  

I'm oozing privileges. Gotta love that easy mode life!