Message from Greg in Montreal Storm #general

2016-11-18 23:30:56 UTC  

I'll probably show up too.. Maybe flip some tables and headbutt some jigaboos .. Celebrate

2016-11-19 06:33:32 UTC  

Was awesome

2016-11-19 18:21:06 UTC  


2016-11-19 18:21:10 UTC  

ya it was fun

2016-11-19 18:21:35 UTC  

sorry i couldn'

2016-11-19 18:21:41 UTC  

couldn't make it

2016-11-19 18:33:23 UTC  

No worries man

2016-11-19 19:44:24 UTC  
2016-11-20 04:12:37 UTC  

They probably never heard of professionalism.

2016-11-22 01:26:25 UTC  


2016-11-28 05:55:45 UTC  

Hey thanks for letting me in Zeiger I'm Celsius on DS. Hail Pepe.

2016-11-28 18:22:47 UTC  

hey, welcome

2016-11-28 22:40:00 UTC  

Had a class work to do. We had to pick a party and make policies

2016-11-28 22:40:42 UTC  

Feminist and anarchist party was an option but not fascist.

2016-11-28 22:41:13 UTC  

My teacher is a 300 pound whale with metal in her face and a pink mohawk.

2016-11-30 05:42:13 UTC  

lmfao seriously?

2016-11-30 05:42:58 UTC  

i'm sure she has a lot to teach you

2016-11-30 05:47:59 UTC  

Ya goy don't you want to be enlightened

2016-12-01 01:38:36 UTC  

Hey fellow stormers let me know if anyone has a room or two for rent on the island, or looking for a roommate, I'm having to get rid of of my condo and looking for a budget of 500-600 $. I have a full set of stainless steel kitchen appliances and stackable washer dryer or gonna sell them depending on where I go. I'm personally bringing a bedroom.set and a 60" 4k tv, to place in my room or communal area depending on agreed setup. Let me know if any of you know of a place.

2016-12-02 01:43:02 UTC  

So Trump has already delivered on his promises and hes not even president yet, over 1k carrier jobs staying in the usa

2016-12-02 05:25:57 UTC  

Yeah heard about that

2016-12-02 05:26:32 UTC  

Feels nice especially with the countless gaslight attempts going on about Trump

2016-12-03 00:07:43 UTC  

Yup its definitely a good sign

2016-12-03 00:08:16 UTC  

btw heres a very good youtube channel you guys should check out, hes pretty far right and he covers mostly canadian news/politics

2016-12-03 06:19:02 UTC  

Just found out that a gay dude I know exploits another gay dude for sex

2016-12-03 06:19:31 UTC  

sounds like they have a healthy lifestyle

2016-12-03 06:19:45 UTC  

Itz only luv goyim

2016-12-03 06:19:54 UTC  


2016-12-03 06:20:10 UTC  

Why are you so full of hate goyim

2016-12-03 06:20:17 UTC  

They will marry and adopt kids

2016-12-03 06:20:21 UTC  

Leave the alone

2016-12-03 06:20:24 UTC  


2016-12-03 06:20:36 UTC  

Fucking fags

2016-12-03 06:22:51 UTC  

I know a fag that absolutely abhors lesbians and trannys, calls them "another breed". His brothers are total KKK and he's racist too. You can look him up on the Internet, Donald Bulcock. He went to jail for murdering his native boyfriend, only did 3 years. White privelage yo

2016-12-03 06:23:46 UTC  


2016-12-03 06:24:08 UTC  

I get these fairy fucks adding me on Facebook

2016-12-03 06:24:20 UTC  

Asking me why i'm not gay.

2016-12-03 06:24:31 UTC  

They dont fucking take hints