Message from Deafmute in Montreal Storm #general

2017-02-03 01:06:16 UTC  

only white survivors

2017-02-03 01:06:24 UTC  

and only the fash ones

2017-02-03 01:06:32 UTC  

Well if there are any, they'll most likely be white

2017-02-03 01:06:35 UTC  

yeah no shit

2017-02-03 01:06:40 UTC  

well except the chinks in vancouver

2017-02-03 01:06:53 UTC  

eh the chinks have basically taken over

2017-02-03 01:07:39 UTC  

I mean unless Canada goes full fash and "reposesses" all assets owned by foreign interests

2017-02-03 01:08:11 UTC  

capitalist af

2017-02-03 01:08:24 UTC  

Redistributing it to the native people of Vancouver - if any are left

2017-02-03 01:08:29 UTC  

not really

2017-02-03 01:08:38 UTC  

theyre all as far from vancouver as they can

2017-02-03 01:08:45 UTC  

nothing is buyable

2017-02-03 01:08:46 UTC  

Well the chinks know how to abuse capitalism for their own gain

2017-02-03 01:08:50 UTC  

theyre chinks

2017-02-03 01:08:56 UTC  

chinks dont give a shit

2017-02-03 01:09:05 UTC  

theyre enslaving niggers in africa to mine shit

2017-02-03 01:09:16 UTC  

you ever see that fucking documentary

2017-02-03 01:09:35 UTC  

this is some 6 year old shit

2017-02-03 01:09:37 UTC  

but redpilling

2017-02-03 01:09:38 UTC  

And thats why the only way to beat them is by not playing the capitalism game because they will simply win- every time - due to their infinite source of chinese money

2017-02-03 01:09:51 UTC  

topkek no they wont

2017-02-03 01:09:58 UTC  

we just have to stop being fucking globalist jew owned morons

2017-02-03 01:10:01 UTC  

China is raping africa just like theyre taking advantage of us Canadians.

2017-02-03 01:10:07 UTC  

trump is doing it

2017-02-03 01:10:24 UTC  

the chinks are already shaking in their dog fur slippers

2017-02-03 01:11:01 UTC  

He's doing it by not using capitalism, but my imposing /nationalist/ policies - and rightfully so- because a nation's priority should be its own people

2017-02-03 01:11:18 UTC  

def but to protect his own country's capitalist endeavors

2017-02-03 01:11:27 UTC  

capitalism = freedom

2017-02-03 01:11:43 UTC  

but that isn't "pure" free market capitalism by definition

2017-02-03 01:12:03 UTC  

free market is a joke

2017-02-03 01:12:12 UTC  

regulation will always be needed

2017-02-03 01:12:18 UTC  

of course

2017-02-03 01:12:33 UTC  

there needs to be guidelines

2017-02-03 01:12:45 UTC  

but hey what the fuck do i care

2017-02-03 01:12:47 UTC  


2017-02-03 01:13:00 UTC  

the fucking markets are gonna shit their ass in not too long

2017-02-03 01:13:09 UTC  

thatll be the time to buy your ass a whole shitload of blue chip stocks

2017-02-03 01:13:21 UTC  

sit on em like a 400 pound hacker sits on his chair

2017-02-03 01:13:27 UTC