Message from Lolburg MI in Front And Center #general

2018-01-17 05:22:15 UTC  

Any way I can help get them going?

2018-01-17 05:22:16 UTC  

and we will hit it

2018-01-17 05:22:19 UTC  

11 in intermediary right now.

2018-01-17 05:22:50 UTC  

4 waiting to be interviewed.

2018-01-17 05:23:03 UTC  

i have a dude from iowa and two from south west us filling out apps now

2018-01-17 05:23:16 UTC  

@Patrick MI I will try to beat you, even if I have to force them to join at gunpoint.

2018-01-17 05:23:37 UTC  

Stockholm syndrome > dedication to the cause

2018-01-17 05:23:39 UTC  

leave ego out of it hussar, its about the cause. but yeah lets do this

2018-01-17 05:23:45 UTC  


2018-01-17 05:23:53 UTC  

just some light bants

2018-01-17 05:24:23 UTC  

The NE guys are going to beat all y'all to a network. @Goodest_Boy @Hussar @Jelly MI

2018-01-17 05:25:03 UTC  

not if you let me recruit from the aryan brotherhood

2018-01-17 05:25:17 UTC  


2018-01-17 05:25:43 UTC  

Our recruit postered 20-30 cars tonight with PF material.

2018-01-17 05:26:09 UTC

2018-01-17 05:26:22 UTC  

yeah, arch is fucking bro tier, so is himmler. hope they both get vetted soon, same with deimos

2018-01-17 05:26:22 UTC  

Not the best images, but we're getting there goys

2018-01-17 05:28:06 UTC  

I want to buy a nice camera just to take pics for social media and of all the postering we do

2018-01-17 05:28:58 UTC  

Make sure to get a ton of batteries.

2018-01-17 05:29:01 UTC  

we do a shit ton of postering

2018-01-17 05:29:42 UTC  

Ikr "Ohh god my poor fingers"

2018-01-17 05:30:04 UTC  

I got a papercut once

2018-01-17 05:30:10 UTC  

It was horrific

2018-01-17 05:30:21 UTC  

doing it for the cause

2018-01-17 06:05:31 UTC  

This is why you never, ever deal with personal information of guys in any permanent fashion outside of the most necessary ways.

2018-01-17 06:10:56 UTC  

Local 🤔🤔🤔

2018-01-17 06:11:27 UTC  
2018-01-17 06:11:46 UTC  

She's in North Carolina, just find it interesting.

2018-01-17 06:19:39 UTC  

@Alfred NC it would be a shame if someone postered the collage she works at.

2018-01-17 06:20:04 UTC  

A damn shame 🤔🤔🤔

2018-01-17 06:20:17 UTC  

Mail her an envelope of glitter.

2018-01-17 06:20:52 UTC  

A patriot front signed glitter bomb

21st century political violence

2018-01-17 06:22:13 UTC  

JFC opsec

2018-01-17 06:22:18 UTC  

DM that to people in the area.

2018-01-17 06:22:26 UTC  


2018-01-17 06:22:43 UTC  

Will do

2018-01-17 06:22:56 UTC  

Talk to @Hussar about getting his guys together. Same with @Jelly MI about checking who's available.

2018-01-17 06:23:14 UTC  

Yeah I know

2018-01-17 06:23:26 UTC  

I'm in the Michigan group

2018-01-17 06:23:49 UTC  

We're just trying to get as many midwesterners as we can