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2018-01-16 21:14:19 UTC  

Im truly blessed

2018-01-16 21:14:46 UTC  

Should poster that chicks neighborhood

2018-01-16 21:15:07 UTC  

No, focus on general public areas, meeting spaces and so on.

2018-01-16 21:15:31 UTC  

Hmm, I bet she lives in all white neighborhood though

2018-01-16 21:15:45 UTC  

I wonder at least

2018-01-16 21:20:23 UTC

2018-01-16 21:20:52 UTC  

White birth rate was us for 2016 if I'm not mistaken, though.

2018-01-16 21:20:56 UTC  

Probably not enough

2018-01-16 21:31:23 UTC  

They included arabs as white and includied births of white mothers not including fathers

2018-01-16 21:32:27 UTC  

HOT DIDDLY DAMN we have a whole buffet of butthurt dishes. Some butthurt casserole from the school board, have some butthurt finger sandwiches from real estate, we even have a whole lineup of butthurt fondue, comprised from the butthurt of each *demographic

2018-01-16 21:38:04 UTC  

Is vc a meeting or just discussion @Thomas Ryan

2018-01-16 21:38:21 UTC  
2018-01-16 21:38:40 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan yes to which

2018-01-16 21:39:01 UTC  

Also, i have one of those “no home for hate” signs. I think its in my garage. If i find it i’ll post it; its seriously one of the faggiest things ive ever seen in my life.

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Fucking leafs

2018-01-16 21:51:19 UTC  

Stop hating

2018-01-16 21:51:25 UTC  

Just love

2018-01-16 21:51:35 UTC  

I love hating

2018-01-16 21:52:03 UTC  

and my people.

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2018-01-16 21:56:25 UTC  

lol day of the rake!

2018-01-16 22:07:51 UTC  

The streets shall run sticky with syrup

2018-01-16 22:09:31 UTC  

The streets shall run sticky with syrup

2018-01-16 22:12:32 UTC

2018-01-16 22:36:35 UTC  

Italy. Honestly this gives me chills. Soon y'all

2018-01-16 22:36:54 UTC

2018-01-16 22:37:01 UTC  

Betsy Ross is best flag

2018-01-16 22:49:31 UTC  

6000 people in the streets in that video. CasaPound Italia

2018-01-16 22:52:36 UTC  

Saw that a couple days ago, those cannolis arent fucking around, either

2018-01-16 23:01:54 UTC  

Can y'all be seen in the video?

2018-01-16 23:01:59 UTC  

We are at the very end of this video. It cuts out before you can see the full url though.

2018-01-16 23:02:08 UTC  

About the last minute we are in there.

2018-01-16 23:02:38 UTC  

Who where the dudes with Vatican flags?

2018-01-16 23:03:55 UTC