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2017-12-27 04:09:44 UTC  

Paul Ryan's district really, REALLY needs some Somali enrichment in the rich neighborhoods.

2017-12-27 04:49:30 UTC  

I just red pilled a normie on the JQ!!!!

2017-12-27 04:50:08 UTC  

One down, a hundred million to go. Keep at it.

2017-12-27 04:50:57 UTC  

@Halfdan The correct way to ask the question is "Whomst is Richard Spencer?"

2017-12-27 04:56:25 UTC  

That's... exactly how it happened.

2017-12-27 04:57:15 UTC  

I thought the going insult for us was that we were scrawny? Make up your minds, friendos.

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2017-12-27 04:57:58 UTC  

>Insulting anyone's physical appearance

2017-12-27 04:58:14 UTC  

Remember the **Almo**!

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@Chris7577TX I looked at those videos. Definitely good content. Im going to have to get that book now.

2017-12-27 05:09:43 UTC  

Check out @Centrism_Sucks’s Tweet: lol dis nibba cant afford a bus pass

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2017-12-27 05:34:22 UTC  

@Goodest_Boy Hey now, niether can I. Probably.

2017-12-27 05:35:01 UTC  

But that's how it is when the ADL decides your employment status.

2017-12-27 05:37:34 UTC  

Implying you're not employed by the ADL.

2017-12-27 05:38:06 UTC  

Feds have pretty gud dental

2017-12-27 05:38:49 UTC  

Also get a payment system so I can give you shekels

2017-12-27 05:39:24 UTC  

Spend it for local activism, or save it so you can start making babies sooner.

2017-12-27 05:39:41 UTC  

I'll be just fine, my man. DFW goy hooking me up with a job in Spring, hopefully.

2017-12-27 05:39:44 UTC  

Someway to donate anonymously

2017-12-27 05:40:01 UTC  

Once we get a new site up, we'll have some donation options.

2017-12-27 05:47:32 UTC  

Check out @CanadaNRx’s Tweet:

2017-12-27 05:48:56 UTC  

The goal isn't to outnumber the enemy, it's to overpower them. We're going to need more than we currently have to overpower them, but with those that we have and gain, a main objective must be self improvement.

2017-12-27 05:50:35 UTC  

Yeah, I kinda agree with him. I think having the quality will eventually bring the quantity.

2017-12-27 05:51:07 UTC  

Well they aren't mutually exclusive. One should never come at the cost of the other, or you fail.

2017-12-27 05:51:56 UTC  

And as far as our recruitment of awakened radicals, who simply need to be molded into activists and plugged into a community, there's no telling how many folks with our beliefs are out there, so we've no reason to stop looking, or at least leaving the door open to those who have what it takes.

2017-12-27 06:14:02 UTC  

Numbers are a Jewish trick to abstract trade and make it easier to fool the goyim.

2017-12-27 06:14:19 UTC  

Currency in the ethnostate will be cattle and virgin daughters

2017-12-27 06:16:15 UTC  

The only currency will be Will to Power.

2017-12-27 06:16:53 UTC  

The splc estimates that there are 10k alt righters in the nation

2017-12-27 06:17:25 UTC  

Lol, way more than that.

2017-12-27 06:17:26 UTC  

I tend to believe that number is very conservative

2017-12-27 06:17:57 UTC  

But even if it was true and we only got a tenth of that...

2017-12-27 06:17:58 UTC  

100k listen to the Daily Shoah

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2017-12-27 06:18:22 UTC  

The alt right subreddit had nearly 60k subscribers

2017-12-27 06:22:57 UTC  

If you count alt right plus 1.0 and Nrx I bet it'd be over 250k people who are white nationalist