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2017-12-12 01:01:31 UTC  

We have fun

2017-12-12 01:55:38 UTC  

Ahh cool

2017-12-12 02:08:39 UTC  

@WeIrdGuy To answer your question, nothing really happens in this room, but after you've been vetted you'll have access to the main room.

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2017-12-12 02:23:27 UTC  

Also I have a friend who might be interested in joining to. Can you point me to someone in the South Carolina area that can vett him too

2017-12-12 03:12:45 UTC  

I can't personally, but @Tony Hovater may be able to

2017-12-12 20:43:09 UTC  

Thanks I sent him a message

2018-01-14 03:04:21 UTC  

@Dan1988 You'll be given access to the main chat once we've met you IRL

2018-01-14 03:04:47 UTC  

Thanks for the add.

2018-01-14 03:10:26 UTC  

@everyone You can talk to the new guy, just assume he could be a FED until I get his blood tests done

2018-01-14 03:11:25 UTC  

Hello fellow fed.

2018-01-14 03:11:31 UTC  

lol, am I the fed?

2018-01-14 03:11:33 UTC  

I mean white nationalist

2018-01-14 03:11:34 UTC  


2018-01-14 03:11:52 UTC  

@Tony Hovater Is the man to talk to if you need methamphetamines or sawn off shotguns

2018-01-14 03:13:04 UTC  

I'm actually Bill Clintons personal human slave hunter too. Not a bad gig.

2018-01-14 03:15:05 UTC  

Does he actually like cigars?

2018-01-14 03:29:41 UTC  

Just vape here friendo 😉

2018-01-14 03:30:28 UTC  

Welcome Dan

2018-01-14 03:38:18 UTC  

Hey, Matt...I hear you are an electrician.

2018-01-14 03:39:12 UTC  

@Matt ✠ he learned it from Mike Pence.

2018-01-14 03:39:19 UTC  


2018-01-14 03:43:08 UTC  

thas rite

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2018-01-14 03:52:24 UTC  

You do commercial?

2018-01-14 04:03:41 UTC  

I've done a little. Mostly industrial though.

2018-01-14 04:07:25 UTC  

I do residential.

2018-01-14 04:08:11 UTC  

But you learned from Pence? 😂

2018-01-14 04:13:25 UTC  

Gotta learn from the best
I would like to learn residential wiring at some point. Union apprenticeship doesn't teach it because we don't bid those jobs anymore.

2018-01-14 04:14:27 UTC  

I'm self-employed rn, so Im not union but I wish I was.

2018-01-14 04:15:14 UTC  


2018-01-14 04:16:12 UTC  

Pike County

2018-01-14 04:19:36 UTC  

Ask Local 575 about the CE program if you're interested in going union.

2018-01-14 04:21:03 UTC  

Interesting, I'm browsing the 575 website and it looks like they do residential work too.

2018-01-14 04:21:46 UTC  
2018-01-14 04:48:05 UTC  

Welcome Dan, looking forward to meeting you after weve reviewed your 23 and me and pt fitness results. Good luck!

2018-01-14 05:22:48 UTC  

@Fevs get in the main channel and ban these niggers

2018-01-14 05:24:08 UTC  

God dammit fevs. His fuckong phone is broken

2018-01-14 05:24:19 UTC  


2018-01-16 04:23:23 UTC  

Im gonna see yall on Thursday! My boss said I can get off early.