Message from Mosin-Nagant in TWP Right Brothers #welcome

2017-09-16 15:31:20 UTC  

Also would divide law enforcement manpower, who would have to choose who is the bigger threat, us or Antifa

2017-09-16 15:32:02 UTC  

True. If we are going to do this in chicago though, every person has to come ready. Even if we will deep we will p be outnumbered quite a bit

2017-09-16 15:32:07 UTC  

*roll deep

2017-09-16 15:37:22 UTC  

In these shitlib cities, if we had police out in riot gear for us and we're well-behaved and have some nice speeches; while Antifa is across town destroying stuff, we're the only ones who win

2017-09-16 15:41:33 UTC  

Then it becomes an issue of who gets issued permits where & when

2017-09-16 15:42:33 UTC  

If the cities issue dueling protests in the same location / same time; they're setting up Cville scenarios

2017-09-16 15:43:51 UTC  

If they issue permits for different locations / same time, police have to split manpower resources

2017-09-16 15:45:00 UTC  

If they issue for different locations / different times, then they run the risk of one side crashing the others events

2017-09-17 01:06:57 UTC  

I am considering organizing a fash mob in hamtramik or dearborn

2017-09-17 01:07:05 UTC  

Would love to see yall there

2017-09-17 01:51:38 UTC  

Hey fggts

2017-09-17 01:58:23 UTC  

Welcome, this is the welcome channel. Im not a mod so i figured id send you here before our main "general" channel

2017-09-17 02:20:37 UTC  


2017-09-19 17:05:06 UTC  

Did any of the people who went to cville see the based sikh on our side?

2017-09-19 17:05:06 UTC  


2017-09-19 17:05:52 UTC  

He was honorary as fuck

2017-09-19 17:22:55 UTC  

Oh yeah the fat dot heat injun with the red white n blue tie-dye shirt and plate carrier

2017-09-19 18:01:31 UTC  

Yeah he was pretty cool lol.

2017-09-19 18:01:40 UTC  

He stole a few commie/black nationalist flags

2017-09-19 18:03:30 UTC  

Yes, unlike a certain little bitch from Columbus

2017-09-19 18:03:45 UTC  

I can't do the torch march my tummy hurts

2017-09-19 22:29:06 UTC  

There was a guy or two in here from the Toledo area, right? There's somebody I was DMing with not so long ago who's by Fort Wayne.

2017-09-22 20:11:47 UTC  

Hey friends

2017-09-22 20:11:58 UTC  

Sup nibba

2017-09-22 23:12:29 UTC  

Whaddup bryden

2017-09-23 00:30:56 UTC  

So uhh...What's good?

2017-09-23 00:31:16 UTC  

Fellow whites

2017-09-23 01:58:02 UTC  

Oh this guy, I hear he's a misogynist

2017-09-23 01:58:07 UTC  

What a dick

2017-09-23 02:06:50 UTC  

Women should be kept in kennels and have dog food+milk poured on them when they're not pregnant

2017-09-23 02:07:14 UTC  

Periods are G-ds way of punishing them for not being pregnant. It is sin leaving their body

2017-09-23 02:07:28 UTC  


2017-09-23 02:07:43 UTC  

Where'd you get the invite from?

2017-09-23 02:08:08 UTC  


2017-09-23 02:08:14 UTC  

I am in Cincinnati

2017-09-23 02:08:16 UTC  

I feel like I talked to you about this group right after cville happened

2017-09-23 02:08:24 UTC  

Maybe man

2017-09-23 02:08:43 UTC  

Glad to be here. I want to go on hate hikes and shit muh nigga

2017-09-23 02:08:56 UTC  

I was in your server, you got me from the cville one lmao

2017-09-23 02:09:04 UTC  

Yeah I remember you

2017-09-23 02:09:10 UTC  

Wanna drive out for a hate hike tomorrow?