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If the white race is made up of people like you then that's a good thing we lose and die off.

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Calm down my guy

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it's made up of people even worse lmao

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Don't come in here and insult TWP members. You are a guest in this discord.

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Don't insult the champions of national socialism.

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Hitler or Hell!

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So, completely different topic: what do stuff like "captain," "colonel" etc mean in the context of TWP?

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I like TWP as a whole but I think I can have gripes with individuals. TWP does amazing work.

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You can have disagreements, but not openly insult our members. Argue intelligently, or not at all.

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Barnacles can stick to the bottom of a boat but that does not make it a terrible boat.

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So, completely different topic: what do stuff like "captain," "colonel" etc mean in the context of TWP?

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How long have u been in the Movement?

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@John Mosby Then I'll refrain from making comments on members regardless of my opinion.

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I'm not in the movement.

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How long have u been NS, then?

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Define "the movement"

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Like I said national socialism is above the movement.

2017-11-08 04:22:22 UTC  

3 years.

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Though that's of calling myself one.

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Dude, your a fresh cut...learn more, before going full blown zealot.

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Based Russians

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So, completely different topic: what do stuff like "captain," "colonel" etc mean in the context of TWP? Like what does a captain in twp do? What is rank structure, etc? Or where can I find this out myself?

2017-11-08 04:24:16 UTC  

@Vice Commander Hunt

Parrott posted the command structure on the TWP forum.

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Ok thanks

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Where is that?

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Do you mind if I post a quote @John Mosby

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Rank structure is posted on the forum

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It is a personal favorite of mine.

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Okay...where is that?

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TradWorker is led by you, the motivated nationalist. The Party exists to assist and enhance your struggle for your faith, family, and folk. The Party member must be self-directed, self-motivated, and selfless. We do have a leadership hierarchy, but the leadership exists to serve the membership. Our use of military terminology in our Operations division in no way implies or suggests that we’re a paramilitary organization and we in no way intend to impose upon actual military ranks and their valor. The titles are merely to confirm how militant we are in our pursuit of our legal, non-violent, political activism.

General – Operations

Only the Party Chairman holds the rank of “General,” and he is to be referred to as “Chairman.” All of the Colonels in the Operations division answer directly to him and to nobody else. In addition to the Operations division, there are the Executive, Information, Financial, and Marketing divisions. Only the Operations division utilizes military terminology. I, Matt Parrott, for instance, am the Party’s “Chief Information Officer.” I don’t have an Operations rank and nobody answers to me (yet?). One important loophole is that the Executive division consists of a Party Secretary who answers directly to the Chairman and who is authorized to assign responsibilities and tasks throughout the entire command structure.

Colonel – Regiment

There are (up to) nine colonels, each of whom is assigned to a fixed geographical regiment. While you can request a transfer if you live near the border and working with comrades in the neighboring regiment makes more sense for you, the Colonel’s accountable for everyone in his or her region. If you’re entirely new to the Party and don’t already belong to network of party members, your Colonel is your primary contact. You will only have one.

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Major – Battalion

Battalions are often state-level, though some smaller states may not have a dedicated battalion and some larger states may be broken up into multiple battalions. Additionally, some battalions may not even be geographical. Majors are highly vetted party leadership with access to back office systems designed to assist them with managing member coordination, such as the ticket manager and newsletter service.

Captain – Company

A captain is any qualified officer who is a dues-paying member to whom two or more active dues-paying members have currently assigned him or her as their primary organizer. A lieutenant is automatically upgraded to this rank when two or more members have assigned them as their Primary Organizer and are active dues-paying members. They are expected to maintain a group with a forum at the Action Portal and typically host monthly meetings, organize local activism, and routinely engage members and supporters, managing their experience on behalf of the Party.

Lieutenant – Training

A lieutenant is any Party member who has received officer vetting and has been approved to be selected as a Primary Organizer for members and supporters. He is currently either behind on his dues, and/or has yet to achieve two dues-paying members who’ve selected him as their Primary Organizer.

Becoming an Officer

There are more ways to lead and advance within the Party than working your way up the Operations division. Our support divisions are tremendously important, as are our dedicated member activists who don’t happen to be officers. While duty and hierarchy are important, the first hierarchy is the hierarchy of loyalty to the Party’s vision. Let your colonel know you’re interested in operational leadership to get the process started.

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I believe it does not matter for how long one has discovered they have been a national socialist, it is something that has been there since birth.

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Post and comment away. I'm not trying to be a dick, or single you out. I just don't appreciate u calling our members essentially traitors, and telling them to kill themselves. Just argue your points intelligently, with dignity and respect.

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I feel the same way

2017-11-08 04:27:02 UTC  

I never shied away from NS ideas

2017-11-08 04:27:12 UTC  

Even when I was a cringey teenage NeoCon