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We are now going 100% Bitcoin based for dues and stuff. Itll have a bit of a learning curve, but the SOB's against us cant shut it down

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Ill be doing instructional videos for folks who arent used to Bitcoin

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Cool I have no clew how to do any ting with bit coins

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we need to move, in every respect, out of the hands of where the enemy can strike us, in regards to infrastructure

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Parallel nationalist society out there and in the virtual reality.

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Eventually we're going to need to set up a while separate society and infrastructure to run in parallel with (((theirs)))

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Yeah we will need to get away to get our own dark web being the normal dark web is banning people like us

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@Commander Davis (TWP) as our Party Quartermaster is having his official online shop for swag go live in the next 48 hours, with TWP flags, shirts etc, but we will run menbership through there on Bitcoin. Itll make sure that first of all, its safer for our members and supporters than credit cards, but also make sure the enemy cant shut us down

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Optimal situation is in which the white people need nothing from the ZOG, don't need to rely on it but can rely on one another. Then we are already almost free.

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btw I hear Coinbase and other places are shutting down our people for donating to the Stormer

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I think white separatism is the future for our People

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Funny story, we've been working on the possibility of a WN specific cryptocurrency along with some other tech WN folks

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So Bitcoin is the mission now, but we're working towards an entire "For Us, By Us" model

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without the hyper inflation XD

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Child porn, heroin and illegal guns = Ok
Racial awareness = Whoah buddy, you went too fucking far

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We have such a talent pool that every time I think of an idea, somebody else is already working on it

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Cool like the folknarc or what ever it was called that that folkish Heathen group was trying to start

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Ill be honest guys, the next 6 months will be very trying for the movement. We in TWP however have been developing the tech and skillsets to be able to weather these storms and end up far stronger. I think we will see some groups, sites etc that seemed tremendously solid, be caught unable to handle the new strains

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This is gonna be the fire that will either forge us into something great or break us. A real test of our will is coming in the next couple years I feel like.

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Our mission is to clearly build a parallel society, and we've got many of the smartest guys in the movement on this. Also infrastructure wise, we've already placed 2 doxxed members who lost their jobs into positions with Party members

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I am also working with folks in pushing back against Antifa.

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We will be really working, as part of our mission, to make sure our activists have the jobs and support they need. Not working for the Party, we're all volunteers, but to build these strong networks

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The 8 chan dox is the best thing to happen honestly.

2017-08-20 02:48:39 UTC  

The Left is getting riled, but we can really expose them. Their insane fight against the very System that coddles them, might actually force the hand of a lot of normal people towards our side, and the State against their unruly mobs

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“We are the pure gold put to test in the furnace. Let the furnace blaze and roar! Nothing can destroy us.”

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You're an inspiration to us all. Someone who actually has talent for leadership and cares for his followers is extremely rare

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Not to mention that we can better find a way to isolate their chain of command and figure out what their operations are.

2017-08-20 02:49:44 UTC  

In essence figuring what they're gonna do.

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We're all in this together my friends, and we shall overcome. Also, a Party affiliate has recently purchased a substantial tract of land that we want to begin putting aside shekels for a true Party office, meeting hall, etc; also including sleeping areas for travelers but also if someone gets doxxed or has to lay low, they wont be totally down and out

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We've got a lot of projects coming together in the near future

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Cool beans.