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2017-07-15 21:45:40 UTC  

He has fought them when they tried to grope his classmates

2017-07-15 21:46:09 UTC  

He is already like 6ft2 and 160 lbs so he outsizes the Somali rats along with many of his friends

2017-07-15 21:46:21 UTC  

Northern swedes seem pretty based

2017-07-15 21:46:46 UTC  

Yeah a lot of Finns and half-Finns there.

2017-07-15 21:47:20 UTC  

A lot of more rural old school swedes too

2017-07-15 21:47:27 UTC  

But unless he's politically active I doubt I know him. Bully him to join NRM.

2017-07-15 21:47:38 UTC  

The carolus rex kind. Not the numale kind

2017-07-15 21:47:48 UTC  

Yeah, the same thing everywhere, capital cities, especially port cities are totally POZ'd and need to be nuked.

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2017-07-15 21:51:57 UTC  

btw carolus rex was a cuck, lost half of his empire and was arrested by the Ottoman sultan.

2017-07-15 21:54:20 UTC  

How did he Cuck though?

2017-07-15 21:57:54 UTC  

He pushed Ottomans to start a bunch of wars, and Russia conquered Finland from him and he died trying to get Norway, which effectively ended Swedish army and monarchy as a real thing.

2017-07-15 21:58:12 UTC  

Could've been worse, started well enough I guess. But yeah.

2017-07-15 22:15:28 UTC  

If he pushed ottomans to start wars then it only weakened them faster. Ottoman empire sucked ass post 1683

2017-07-15 22:30:40 UTC  

They won tho.

2017-07-15 22:55:06 UTC  

Kicked out of the game before it even started lmao

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2017-07-15 22:59:02 UTC  

I do know about the "Battle Of Kosovo".

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2017-07-16 00:49:06 UTC  

Is Ari Shaffir a Jew?

2017-07-16 00:50:58 UTC  


2017-07-16 00:51:17 UTC  

Though (((Yids))) are technically as semitic as Arabs.

2017-07-16 01:34:01 UTC  

My favorite European peoples based on people whom I have met online through WN

2017-07-16 01:34:06 UTC  

Baltic peoples

2017-07-16 01:34:15 UTC  

No particular order

2017-07-16 14:09:14 UTC  

Holy crap, Furor_Tuetonicus is only 21? You're just a baby! 😄

2017-07-16 14:10:12 UTC  

Yeah, Ari Shaffir is definitely a Jew. How is that even a question? lol

2017-07-16 14:18:25 UTC  

I am 21 as well.

2017-07-16 14:41:35 UTC  

I am glad we have a lot of younger guys here. The future belongs to the youth.

2017-07-16 14:46:27 UTC  

No kidding. My entire Chapter in Vegas currently has members that are 17-20 (w/ me being the leader).

2017-07-16 14:46:48 UTC  

Fuck (((Cultural Judaism)))! 👿

2017-07-16 14:49:15 UTC  

I feel like an old man now.

2017-07-16 16:34:52 UTC  

Liberals actually use their speech to justify violence as in the above article. Their projection is hilarious

2017-07-16 16:37:16 UTC  

Great day yesterday, despite the Commies and cucked stadium staff, and being able to find no hotels whatsoever for us all to relax. Its just always good to be around my Brothers in Arms.

2017-07-16 16:38:30 UTC  

Mainstream leftists praised and still praise Mandela as a political prisoner despite of his bombing campaign and Apartheid government's promise to release him if he denounces violence. It's the same if GOP sold Breivik shirts at national conventions or something.

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2017-07-16 17:32:16 UTC  

Yeah it was a fun time glad I went

2017-07-16 20:16:13 UTC  

Indeed. Too bad we barely made it to the national anthem, but I definitely had a good time overall. Lessons learned for another day.

2017-07-16 20:17:06 UTC  

Keep an eye out for any doxxing. Im a dumb fuck that fell for it not realizing the prick asking was only security and not the cops...